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Marge & Rita are two of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET. Without Rita, Marge is first found to be an Easter Egg on Fever Senshi Pop'n 14's render as a small silhouette. 5 games later, the name "Marge" is given, as well as the appearance of partner Rita.


Benvenuti, 今イタリアで大人気のピザ親子!

Benvenuti, to the pizza family that is very popular in Italy now!

Per favore, if you're lucky enough to meet them, you can get an excellent pizza recommendation!

Marge takes a very friendly approach to people, and takes a lot of pride in his cooking. He refers to his pizza as "the best tasting pizza in the world". The pair's FEVER! animation shows them throwing pizzas into windows for hungry families. Rita has no dialogue, but he copies everything Marge does and makes his own mini-pizzas, so he most likely admires his father. Although, eventually Rita yearns to be an individual, so he leaves Marge to travel on his own.

Character Information[]


Marge is a tall man who wears a white "v" collar shirt and a green scarf. He has blue eyes and dirty blond hair as evident by his chest hair and mustache. Rita on the other hand is a small boy with blue eyes who sports a shirt with blue stripes. Marge and Rita also wear matching yellow hats with black strips and dark gray slacks.

In the 2P color palette. Marge and Rita's skins are colored dark, while their eyes are green. Their hats are dark grey, their slacks and shoes are colored white, instead of dark gray, and their scarves are yellow. Marge is shown wearing a dark gray shirt, while Rita wears a gray-striped shirt.

NET Self[]

Attack Buongiorno (ボンジョルノ Bonjoruno?)
Damage Mama Mia (マンマミーア Manma Miia?)
GOOD Play Lalala~♪ (ラララ~♪ Rarara~♪?)
BAD Play It's sinking~ (ちんぼつだ~ Chinbotsu da~?)
WIN My son... (息子よ… Musuko yo...?)
LOSE Oyoyo~ (およよ~ん Oyoyo~n?)


Pop'n Music 19 TOWN Mode[]

Hidden Song (Phase 2)[]

 Why not play a Pop'n match with us
 before trying the world's best pizza~?
 A sufficient hunger after playing
 is the best kind of topping!


Marge and Rita's names are bonded to "margherita", from margherita pizza, which is the kind of pizza Marge uses as a boat.


  • On Birthdays, the Japanese term, bouya, is another term for "boy", as of Rita. Another term, padre, can be either Italian or Spanish for "father", as of Marge.
  • Marge shares his birthday with Tanaka-san.
    • Rita shares his birthday with Akane.



Early Designs[]