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Margaret is one of the characters from Pop'n Stage.


A peppy American girl.
She is the vocalist in a girl band.
Aiming to be a professional artist, while she is auditioning.


Margaret has bright blue eyes and blonde hair, tied back into two curly pigtails. She wears a green colored dress with light pink polka dots, pink boots, and carries a white purse. On her head she has a pair a blue tinted sunglasses.

Her 2P changes her dress to white and her hair to orange. Her boots and the polka dots of her dress are yellow, and her sunglasses have a blue frame.


  • Margaret is only a recolor of Yuri-chan.
    • She still has unique portraits and color palettes, however.
  • Margaret has never appeared in the main series.
    • Margaret is one of two Pop'n Stage characters to have never appeared in either the AC or CS games, along with Bomber.
  • Margaret is one of the few characters to have no theme song, as Love Is Strong To The Sky is originally Rie-chan's song.
  • In the Pop'n Music AC&CS 1~5 Character Illustration book, Margaret's dress in her artwork and sprite are dark green, as opposed to the bright aqua color seen on the Pop'n Stage site.
    • Her select icons are also recolored versions of Yuri-chan's from Pop'n Music 6.