マーガレット Māgaretto

Birthplace America
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Hobby Collecting flyers. They're nice to display in my room.
Likes Singing in my band of course!
Dislikes Spiders. Oh, now, arguing with my dad about the band
First Appearance pop'n stage
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Girly
Designer(s) Unknown

Margaret is one of the characters from Pop'n Stage.


A peppy American girl.
She is the vocalist in a girl band.
Aiming to be a professional artist, while she is auditioning.


Margaret has bright blue eyes and blonde hair, tied back into two curly pigtails. She wears a green colored dress with light pink polka dots, pink boots, and carries a white purse. On her head she has a pair a blue tinted sunglasses.

Her 2P changes her dress to white and her hair to orange. Her boots and the polka dots of her dress are yellow, and her sunglasses have a blue frame.


  • Margaret is only a recolor of Yuri-chan.
    • She still has unique portraits and color palettes, however.
  • Margaret has never appeared in the main series.
    • Margaret is one of two Pop'n Stage characters to have never appeared in either the AC or CS games, along with Bomber.
  • Margaret is one of the few characters to have no theme song, as Love Is Strong To The Sky is originally Rie-chan's song.
  • In the Pop'n Music AC&CS 1~5 Character Illustration book, Margaret's dress in her artwork and sprite are dark green, as opposed to the bright aqua color seen on the Pop'n Stage site.
    • Her select icons are also recolored versions of Yuri-chan's from Pop'n Music 6.





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