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Madoka is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. She is a main, unlockable character in Retsu's story, The Secret of the Principal's Office? (校長室の秘密? Kouchou-shitsu no himitsu??), and wields a purple, heart-shaped lapis.


The secret of adults, I will teach you...
It's not in a textbook, topology can deceive you.

Madoka is a flirtatious, sexy woman with an attractive, sassy look. She is very popular among both students and teachers despite all the students who have been annoyed by her flirting.

Despite of her busty looks, Madoka can be serious sometimes. As she can sense when the Lapistoria world is about to crack, and inform her students to stay calm, indicating that she deeply cares about them more than herself.


Madoka is shown as a busty woman with brown curly hair kept in a ponytail, dark teal eyes with lavender eyeshadow, and a beauty mark under her lip. She wears a short, low-cut dark purple top with black cuffs and a black lapels, and a black tie is tucked between her cleavage. Her mini skirt matches her shirt in color, with slits on each side and is worn with black stockings, heels, and a garter belt.

Her 2P gives her dark skin, lavender-blue hair, white eyeshadow, and violet eyes. The purple parts of her outfit become light blue, and the black parts are a darker blue.


Madoka appears in Kiryu's Lose and FEVER WIN animations.

NET Self

Attack Bad child... (イケナイ子… Ikenai-ko...?)
Damage I will teach you (教えてアゲル Oshiete Ageru?)
GOOD Play Trigonometric functions of nights (夜の三角関数 Yoru no sankakukansu?)
BAD Play You're persistent (しつこいわね Shitsukoi wa ne?)
WIN A reward...! (ご褒美よ…! Go houbi yo...!?)
LOSE No...good... (ダ…メ… Da...me...?)


  • Madoka shared a birthday with Photon and Kagetora.
  • Kiryu made a cameo in her FEVER WIN, MISS and LOSE animations.





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