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Machuchu is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 7.


メルヘン王国に生息しているMage Mashroom(和名:オトコタケ)のオトコの子。
コレで擦ると家中の汚れが良く落ちるって評判なんだ。 でも2年前の大繁殖で大問題になったんだって!
A Mage Mashroom (male mushroom) inhabiting the Marchen Kingdom.
It doesn't matter if he is damp or crispy, a fighting spirit grows in this mushroom.
He has a reputation for being able to remove dirt from one's house if you rub him, but ended up becoming a nuisance after a large breeding program that occurred 2 years ago!


Machuchu takes the form of an indigo-eyed, anthropomorphic mushroom with his whole body colored with lightning shaped color patterns of magenta, orange, yellow, lime, and cyan.

His 2P palette includes a simple black and white variant.

NET Self[]

Attack (オラオラ?)
Damage (オーマイガッ?)
GOOD Play (ハッスル?)
BAD Play (チッ?)
WIN (いい感じ!?)
LOSE (マイガッ?)


  • Machuchu shares his birthdate with Zusin and Tart & Toffee.
  • Machuchu's birthday is "Mushroom Day" in Japan.
  • Machuchu makes a cameo in Ruri's Pop'n Music 9 miss animation.