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Lucy is a character from the CS version of Pop'n Music 9.


うわさのスーパーグラビアガール! 「play pop'n」誌で大活躍らしいよ。 最近、ゴーグル宇宙犬につきまとわれて大変!
A super gravure girl full of rumors! A big success in "Play Pop'n" Magazine. Recently, she's been haunted by goggle-wearing space dogs!


Lucy is a woman with blonde wavy hair and teal blue eyes. She wears a white tank top with a pink handkerchief, round sunglasses, blue pants and red heels.

Her 2P palette gives her brownish-salmon hair, orange sunglasses, and makes her eyes and jeans a slightly darker shade of blue. Her car is changed from red to yellow.

NET Self[]

You came here to see it, didn't you? (Timed edit)


  • The "goggle-wearing space dogs" referred to in Lucy's bio are Leicars, who also cameo on her MISS animation.