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ルーフ Rūfu
Loof 23 1P
"The tarot I tell will come true"...

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Birthplace Marseille
Birthdate September 9th
Gender Male
Race Demon
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Silver
Hobby A good luck charm?
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Laughable mischief
Dislikes There's no one anywhere
First Appearance pop'n music éclale
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Fate No.23
Designer(s) コンベ, remake by ちっひ

Loof is one of the characters from Pop'n Music éclale, and one of the three winner characters from the BEMANI×pixiv Illustration Design contest.


"The fortune-teller really became a tarot"...
Did you know, that that trick was used to seal away an evil spirit?

Loof is a demon who has been sealed away within a tarot card for long ago, using his magic for evil purposes. He'd mischievously state that his fortune-telling was true and that the things he foresaw would happen, despite not really if they would or wouldn't.


Loof's appearance is a masked, short-silver-haired being, known for his monochrome mask that thuds three four-pointed stars: one tan and two cyan. HIs costume takes the cultural, but unique details of a jester: a midnight-blue suit with baggy pants, a short-sleeved bolero jacket, boots, and a checker-patterned cap with cyan stars on each tip. His entire outfit has cyan and tan accents. His main weapon is a deck of playing cards that shares his clothing motif.

Loof's 2P palette has deep black hair and arm pieces, a mauve top, and dark purple and light yellow accents all around.


Loof's name is a backward reading for "fool", predicting his appearance and the thematic of the Fool Tarot.


  • Lithos, Sigma and The Tower (background) make cameo appearances in Loof's Lose animation.
  • Loof's animations were all based on Major Arcana Tarot cards:
    • Neutral-0/XXII (The Fool)
    • Good-XV (The Devil)
    • Great-XI (Justice)
    • Miss-XII (The Hanged Man)
    • FEVER!/Dance-X (Wheel of Fortune)
    • Lose-XVI (The Tower)
    • Win/FEVER Win-XXI (The World)
  • Loof's FEVER! animation has a regular rabbit and a cat running around in a full circle, depicting the characters of Mimi and Nyami. They also appear on his FEVER! Win animation.
  • Loof shares his birthdate with Hugh, Baum, and Scarecrows.




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