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Little Raisin
リトルレーズン Ritoru Rēzun
Where shall they go today??

Little Raisin 2P IconLittle Raisin 2 Icon

Birthplace Marchen Kingdom's Fruits Town
Birthdate October 25th
Gender Female (Petite)
Male (Zunda)
Race Alien (Petite)
Dog (Zunda)
Eye Color Plum (Petite)
White (Zunda)
Hair Color Sky Blue (Petite)
Hobby Going for a stroll (both)
Relative(s) Each other
Likes Fruits (Petite)
Petite's company (Zunda)
Dislikes Dried fish (Petite)
When Petite is hurt (Zunda)
First Appearance pop'n music 10 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS
Theme(s) Setsuna Girl, Japanese Reggae
Designer(s) Unknown

Little Raisin is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 10.


みんなは二人合わせてlittle Raisinって呼んでるよ。
Petite and her little partner Zunda.
Everybody calls them "Little Raisin" when they are together.
Where shall they go today??


Petite is a girl with sky blue hair tied in a short ponytail and plum violet eyes. She dons a helmet that is lilac with light-colored dots and antennae, and also white segments on the sides. She also wears a lilac dress with a white rim and button in the middle.

Zunda, her partner, is a small black dog with white eyes and ears. He also has a short red antennae-like tail.

The 2P color palette has Petite's costume colored in pink, her limbs baby blue, and her complexion baby pink. Her hair is slightly tinted a bit lighter than her usual, original palette. Zunda is white with powder blue eyes.

NET Self

Attack Strolling~♪ (おさんぽ~♪ Osanbo~♪?)
Damage Arg~h! (きゃ~ん! Kya~n!?)
GOOD Play Aww~ (ぎゅうう~っ Kyū~?)
BAD Play Wait~ (まってぇぇ~ Mattē~?)
WIN I love you! (大好き! Daisuki!?)
LOSE No~! (いや~! Iya~!?)

Character Comments

Pop'n Music 14 FEVER:

Today was a fun day!
We, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, will be really, really, really good friends all the way!


Petite's name is a French translation of "small".

Zunda's name comes from a "confusingly delicious" flavor in Japanese culture.




  • Little Raisin share their birthdate with Mint and Yuki.


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