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Lithos is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


The loyal subject who protects Sigma's gates of the temple.
Is it like that there are fellow of other various races?

Lithos is Sigma's bodyguard of the temple's gates, and wields the element of lightning.


Lithos is a mythological statue figure that has the head and wings of an alicorn and a body of a woman, who wears a female toga. Her entire body is colored white and platinum, with the exception of her lightning bolt that she wields and bracelet, which is located on her right wrist.

Her 2P color is probably a meaning that Lithos ignores her statue mode and gains her true colors for her appearance: Her eyes, horn, and mane are colored dark cerulean, her wings are sky blue, and her flesh color is present.

NET Self

Attack Light of judgement (裁きの光よ Sabaki no hikari yo?)
Damage Neigh! (ヒヒーンッ! Hihiiin!?)
GOOD Play Hohoho (ホホホッ Hohoho?)
BAD Play Awful (やるなっ Yarunaa?)
WIN Start your lay! (立ち去れい! Tachisarei!?)
LOSE It is in good progress (進むがいい Susumu ga ii?)


  • Lithos' birthdate is identical to Beartank's, Sora Hoshino's, and Sigma's.
    • The birthdate is classified to be written as "Along with Sigma", because Lithos and Sigma are both mythological figures.



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