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Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE[]

We came to play in the Game Center![]

Mimi: Hey everyone! Today we are here at the arcade center.

573 Game Land
Nyami: There are lots of good old games here right! Oh, I found Gradius!
Mimi: I’m obsessed with “Quiz Magic Academy” right now.

Nyami: Let’s play that shooting game next!!

Both: …Oh is it… him!?

(person on the left): Amazing!
(person on the right): (gulp)
Mimi: That’s what you do! We’re really impressed!!

Welcoming Mamoru-kun[]

Nyami: I saw you playing Pop'n with a girl the other day!
Mimi: You’re such a man, Marumo.

Mamoru-kun: I know you were intentionally selecting sweet songs! (blush♥)

(Noise appears when option is selected)

Nyami: Stay with me Marumo!!! Come back!
Mimi: Whooa I chose too many options to handle!!

Mamoru-kun:(sound of hitting)
Mimi: He’s making his own song.

Latin Teacher[]

Nyami: Master Mommy-!
Don Mommy: Hello hello!

Don Mommy: Amazing dance move as always! (sound of swaying the butt)

Both: Please get us through Latin dance’s A-Z per usual! (Ossu!)

(Let’s dance with the rhythm of Latin!)

Mimi: We still have a long way to go, like babies…
Nyami: (Ow, ow, ow)

Mary's Testimony[]

Mary: Yeah…I was just enjoying my favorite song as usual…

Suit: But you know, you were supposed to be hiding it. Did you notice something different?

Mary: …I could play better than usual. But that’s all…I’m telling you. All I know is it happened to be the song I really like…

Suit: Yeah…I really like that song too…

Mary: If you play Pop'n on a date, this song is for you!

Mimi: (I love you)


Mimi:I honestly can’t tell if Oni-Be’s head is upside down.

Nyami:I know right.

Mimi: This way he looks like smiling and cute I think…(heartbeats)

(two girls really scared) (happy) (sound of swinging)

Mimi and Nyami: (he’s still scary…) (spiral)

Mimi: Sorry for being scared… (Oni-Be laments)
Nyami: I’m sorry.

The Exciting Castle’s Secret Treasure STAGE 2[]


Mimi: Whoa, this castle looks scary like we might encounter something especially since it’s night…

Nyami: !! Mimi-chan! Hey, look at that…!!

Mimi: Huh…!! Is it…?

Mimi and Nyami: Hoooo, tons of treasures!? (boom)

Mimi and Nyami: A treasure box…this key and the password could be…!

Nyami: Oh, the score got higher. (oh, Simon-san!)

Mimi: It wasn’t a treasure… (tsk)

More Adventurous[]

Mimi: Hmm, it’s Pop'n 15 already. Amazing!

Nyami: How happy are we? We should thank everyone for always playing and enjoying it.

Mimi: That’s right!

(Thank you so much!!)

Mimi: I wonder if we have that for 15 as well? (where’s MZD??)

Nyami: I wanna have more adventures.

(on the left) Oh, MZD~ do we have songs full of adventures in Pop'n 15? (on the right) We do right we do right?!

MZD: Aw, yeah of course!

Mimi and Nyami: Yaaay!!!

MZD: Go find tons of treasures!

Mimi and Nyami: Sure!!

Mimi and Nyami: We’re leaving to a huge adventure!

Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪[]




Angel Fish[]

Number Original Hint Translated Hint Original Answer Translated Answer
#1 Hint 1 Original.png Hint 1 Translated.png Hint 1 Answer Original.png Hint 1 Answer Translated.png
#2 Hint 2 Original.png (the image itself can't really be translated)

The large blue kanji is an upside down version of , which means South. Can't really read the red text...maybe バァーン? But the upside down kanji is the main part of the hint regardless.

Hint 2 Answer Original.png (Nothing to translate here, simply The King, South, Pal, and Fili representing the coordinates with their songs)
#3 http://www.konami.jp/bemani/popn/music16/sec/img/hint1_3.swf (Nothing to translate, click the link to view the animation) Hint 3 Answer.png Hint 3 Answer Translated.png
#4 Poet unlocks Tears Angel Fish Comic h4 1 2.jpg Pop'n 16 Secret Comic- Everyone's Shining - Translated Hint.png Poet unlocks Tears Angel Fish Comic h4 1 3.jpg Pop'n 16 Secret Comic- Everyone's Shining - Answer.png


Number Original Hint Translated Hint Original Answer Translated Answer
#1 遅れてやってきた人は誰かな? Who is the person who came over, but was late? サイバーデジビート

ニャミ(ポップン6)を使用して、1ステージ・2ステージ目のどちらかで アイス担当曲(下記参照)かミニッツ担当曲(下記参照)をクリアする。

フューチャー(ポップン4) デジテクノ(CS) ゲットワイルド(TV&ANIME)


Cyber Digibeat

Play as Nyami (Pop'n 6), and then clear Ice's songs (see below) or Minit's' songs (see below) in either Stage 1 or Stage 2 to unlock.

<Ice's songs>
Future (Pop'n 4) Digi Techno (CS) Get Wild (TV & Anime)

<Minit's songs>
Chibikko Idol (Pop'n 14)

#2 さかさまの 南 ってことは…? It's the upside down of South...? ケルトランス

1ステージ・2ステージ目のどちらかで 『ナンキョク(ポップン11)』を『上下さかさまオジャマ』をつけてクリアする。

Celt Trance

Clear "Nan-Kyoku (Pop'n 11)" in either Stage 1 or Stage 2 with the "Upside Down ojama" to unlock.

#3 過去と未来を行ったり来たり! You can go back and forth between the past and future! タイムトラベル

【1】1ステージ・2ステージ目のどちらかの曲セレクトで ポップン16カテゴリにあわせて、左緑ボタンを11回押してポップン1~3カテゴリに移動後、右緑ボタンを11回押してポップン16カテゴリに戻ってくる。(成功すると音が鳴ります) ※押しっぱなしは不可。


Time Travel

[1] During either the Stage 1 or Stage 2 song select In the Pop'n 16 category, press the left green button 11 times and then go to the Pop'n 1~3 song category, and then go back to the Pop'n 16 category and press the right green button 11 times. (If done correctly you'll hear a sound

[2] Afterwards clear any song to unlock.

Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE[]