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Link of Chain's lyrics are currently unknown or have not yet been translated.



精一杯の Breakin'Breakin'down

強引に Going on
HideもRock On 照らす

悲しさ共にWith me 抱え 転がる
空へとfall away

時は開く この場所で 叶えるよMyself
光を On your mind あげましょう
希望のDestiny 取り返し 広がる In the stars

勝ち切る Link of Chain

また輝く あの場所に辿り着く My Dream
奏でるよ again 見せましょう
One more Destiny 繰り返し 記す自分のスタイル

My road, Link of Chain


kakedashi no Incubator
seiippai no Breakin'Breakin'down
yokome de toraeta joutai
nantomo nai to omotteitan darou?

kagirinaku Purge shitai you na PRIDE
gouin ni Going on
nukedasenu MINUS LOOP
Hide mo Rock On terasu

nigerarenai unmei wa
yoru no nami ni nomikomareta
kanashisadomo ni With me kakae korogaru
sora e to fall away

toki wa hiraku kono basho de kanaeru yo Myself
hikari wo On your mind agemashou
kibou no Destiny torikaeshi hirogaru In the stars
mou makeru tsumori wa nai

kachi kiru Link of Chain

mata kagayaku ano basho ni tadoritsuku My Dream
kanaderu yo again misemashou
One more Destiny kurikaeshi shirusu jibun no STYLE
tachidomaru tsumori wa nai

My road, Link of Chain

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  • Link of Chain is one of the songs part of the Odai ni idonde create! pop'n original gakkyoku contest☆ daishuurokusai (お題に挑んでクリエイト!ポップンオリジナル楽曲コンテスト☆大収録祭?) contest of pop'n music éclale.
  • On the contest site[1], Link of Chain is credited to Hommarju feat. ayu.
  • Link of Chain's HYPER chart was re-rated in pop'n music éclale on March 22nd, 2016.

Song Production Information[]


It's been a long time since pop'n music had deliver with Tag.

With her undercooked voice, Ayu-chan
gave me the push up for the quality work that crossed over my hypothesis this time.

Since the things I want to say expressed me soundly,
If I am writing some sentences, oneself for the contribution time is placed on;
Everyone from the pop'n team, please write the music that is not public to me after this.

And, I'm wishing something that reaches for everyone's ears and minds.

I have some fun with you!
That's Hommarju!


Hello! I'm ayu!!
I was allowed to sing a very cool song, with the combination with Hommarju right now!!
It's doubtless by striking to get in the rhythm! Please play to enjoy!

Staff Comments[]


The theme of the music adoption is "Pops".
Hommarju is being inducted into a hall of fame, since he's a person from beatnation RHYZE! Plus, he's going to bring ayu-chan! What a harsh darling!
Though the quality's the best, he received to adopt it, because he already sensed his facing passion for public planning.

He has assaulted a popular and expensive minor-pitched anime song in the wind in Pops. So harsh.
He attacked an earlier BPM with the following degree. So harsh.
He has inserted a hard piano beyond the game. Really harsh.
He came to strike a small sound with his synthesizer in an adjustment task of degrees in difficulty. Very harsh!!
...This is harsh!!!!!!!!!

So they fused together with their nature of music by themselves to understand the factors that were in the game, as to tell the gaming however.
Conversely, the point was expensive, if it is dare aiming on purpose.
ayu-chan has been shown with a cool face, varied in "Like a pop'n music", in a true strength clique to hear NU-KO's variety of identical voices.
The duo's strength became a splendid adoption together.

To know them individually is a satisfaction, because I could meet Erika again. Thanks, darling.

Difficulty & Notecounts[2][]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 146 488 777 1109 300 490
éclale (Original ratings) 8 25 39 43 17 26
éclale→Present 8 25 ↓37 43 17 26




Hommarju feat. ぁゅ 「Link of Chain」