Ling Ling is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 3.


 Aiyaa★It's fun playing Pop'n with everyone! Come witness Ling Ling's 4,000 year old secret techniques of China. She also likes to spend time playing with her favorite panda (good good). But if she dances and plays, she becomes hungry...


Ling Ling has deep blue hair kept in two braids, black eyes, and wears a simple red top with white pants and black shoes with a brown band and white soles, as well as a gold band on her right arm. In several of her animations her attire switches to a red cheongsam, with a gold flower pattern and plain black shoes.

In her 2P she has dark indigo hair, and her top is bright green with light blue pants and a light blue armband. The dress she changes into is the same color as her shirt, and the patterns on it are light blue. In Pop'n Music 3, this was Ling Ling's 3P color. This palette is used for 只要有你在 in Pop'n Music éclale.

Ling Ling had two additional palettes in Pop'n Music 3 as well. Her original 2P had brown eyes and hair, with lavender pants, a blue shirt, and brown shoes.

Ling Ling's 4P gave her blonde hair, a black shirt, blue pants, and her eyes and shoes were navy blue.

NET Self

Attack Let's go (いくアルよ Iku aru yo?)
Damage Ouch (あいたアル Aita Aru?)
GOOD Play *hums* (るんるん Runrun?)
BAD Play Grrr (むむむ Mumumu?)
WIN Yay (やったアル Yatta Aru?)
LOSE Defeated (負けたアル Maketa Aru?)


  • LingLing's birthdate is identical to Masamune's.
  • An early design for Ling Ling was instead a squirrel named Palette, with light orange eyes and hair kept in short pigtails.





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