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Line Times needs its song production/character information, music comment(s), net self lines and/or staff comments translated.



Song Connections / Remixes[]

  • Line Times is the eighth song in the CLASSIC series of songs.
  • Like the other songs on the CLASSIC series, Line Times is an arranged medley of different classical tunes:
    • Brahms' Hungarian Dance No.5.
    • Chopin's Étude Op.10, No.12 in C minor.
    • Smetana's Vltava.
    • Chopin's Étude Op.10, No.3, in E major.
    • Schubert's Erlkönig, Op. 1, D. 328.
    • Saint-Saëns' Le cygne.
    • Beethoven's Violin Sonata No.5 in F major, Op.24.
    • Bizet's L'Arlésienne.


  • Line Times' charts were made by Junichiro Kaneda himself.
  • Upon its addition to the arcade titles in pop'n music 11, Line Times' EX chart was not playable, despite that it was present in the game's data.
    • The lack of Line Times' EX chart is even mentioned in the pop'n music 11 Q&A (archived). When asked about it, pop'n music 11 director tera's only response was, "In the world, there are lots of mysterious things."
    • Line Times' EX chart was finally made playable in pop'n music peace, as an unlockable chart part of the pop'n time trip (ポップンタイムトリップ?) event. It could be unlocked from June 6th, 2019 to February 19th, 2020 by filling out 2 stamps of the fifth pop'n music CS card.
      • As of August 13th, 2020, this chart is available by default.

Music Comment[]


Song Production Information[1][]



1.テンポの変化を付けて、音楽の表情と新たな面白さを出す。今まではだいたい同じテンポでずっとプレイするものばかりでしたが、今回は テンポに変化をつけてみました。 コレにより、だんだん早くなる所ではアセリを、テンポの揺らぎではより自然な音楽の表現をできたのではないかと思います。

ノーマルや5ラインで遊ぶと、メロディーだけを叩くので、比較的簡単です。しかも、誰でも知ってるメロディーが山盛りでお楽しみいただけます。しか~し! ハイパー以上では一転して、いきなり牙を剥きます(笑)。


最近、爬虫類が少しだけ嫌いになった  J_KANE

Difficulty & Notecounts[2][]

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards.

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 189 252 568 941 250 708
pop'n music 8 CS 9 15 31 43 15 36
pop'n music 9 CS 9 15 31 43 15 36
pop'n music 11→17 THE MOVIE 9 15 31 - 15 36
pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝→20 fantasia 9 15 ↑32 - 15 36
pop'n music Sunny Park→うさぎと猫と少年の夢 - 22 38 - 15 36
pop'n music peace→Present - 22 38 49 15 36




CLASSIC 8 「Line Times」

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