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Lill is one of the characters from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.


A showtime that seems to last all night☆
Welcome to the childish unicorn's circus!


Lill is a little unicorn with white fur, pale red eyes and a pastel rainbow mane with magenta pink hooves, matching with a Pop-kun-inspired ball. He also has green leg warmers to match with his tail and collar, including a gold bow and beads. In his humanoid form from his FEVER! and FEVER! Win animation, He has a curvy, neat hairstyle and wears a dark yellow top with teal shorts.

Lill's 2P gives him dark brown fur, golden eyes and blue-pink sections.


  • Lill shares his birthdate with Mr. Ichijo.
  • Tent-Kant makes a cameo in Lill's FEVER! Win and Lose animation, along with Pelo who appeared in his FEVER! animation.
  • Tent-Kant, Peetan, Nana, and Pelo make cameos in Lill's FEVER! animation.
    • Tent-Kant also appears in Lill's FEVER! Win and Lose animations.
    • Peetan appears in Lill's Win animation, as well.
    • Pelo also appears in the Lose animation.


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