Po Po Pop...


迷った時 青いボタン グリグリと もて遊ぶ 
時間切れ いきあたりばったりで

ゲリラのように落ちてくるカラフルな ボタンを
全部まとめて ぱぱっと 連打 連打で クリア!

気にしないで さぁ ポップン 今日も始めよう

僕らの人生 幸いことがあっても
音のように跳ね 弾けても 
楽しく 赤い ボタンを 押して 進め!

黄色のシャツと 緑のサンダルと 
白いキャップ 今日も1日 始めよう!

Po Po Pop...


hajimaru yo!

Po Po Pop...

kyou wa nani wo kiite ikou? nani ni shiyou? (Saa?)
HI-SPEED 3.5 demo ki ni shinai de (Ee?)

mayotta toki aoi botan guriguri to mote asobu
jikan kire ikiatari battari de

gerira no you ni ochite kuru colorful na botan wo
zenbu matomete papatto renda renda de CLEAR!

toki ni wa ochite kanashii result demo
ki ni shinai de saa pop'n kyou mo hajimeyou

bokura no jinsei saiwai koto ga atte mo
oto no you ni hane hajikete mo
tanoshiku akai botan wo oshite susume!

kiiro no shirts to midori no sandal to
shiroi cap kyou no 1-nichi hajimeyou!

Po Po Pop...

English Translation

Let's start!

Po Po Pop...

What are we going to listen today? What are we going to do? (Well?)
I don't care about the HI-SPEED 3.5 (Huh?)

When in doubt, I was able to play, grinding the blue button
In a timeout, I bump into per live

Like a guerilla, the colorful buttons are falling down,
I made a CLEAR barraging all of them collectively with a pat-pat!

In this time, a sorrowful result falls, but
I don't care, so, let's start pop'n for today

Even in our lives fortunately,
Like sounds splashing and playing,
Happily, go foward and press the red button!

Yellow shirts, green sandals,
And white caps, let's start for one day today!

Po Po Pop...

Song Connections/Remixes

  • Each difficulty (NORMAL, HYPER and EX) of Like a pop'n music has a different piano solo.


  • Like a pop'n music is one of the winner songs of the Boku mo Watashi mo Pop'n Artist! contest, along with Southern Cross. It was added to pop'n music 20 fantasia on August 6th, 2012.
  • On the preliminary phase of the Boku mo Watashi mo Pop'n Artist! contest, Like a pop'n music was capitalized as Like a Pop'n music.
  • Like a pop'n music's title references the game series where it debuted. It shares this trait with songs IIDX (beatmania IIDX), Keyboard Man (KEYBOARDMANIA) and Dance Dance Revolution (DanceDanceRevolution).

Music Comment

WE LOVE Pop'n Music! A selection from the public planning is a twirling Pop'n song by the Pop'n user.

Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 191 292 655 1024 324 563
Pop'n Music 20 fantasia 11 14 27 36 13 26
Sunny Park→Present ※11 20 33 42 13 26

※ The notecount of this chart is different from the old 5-Buttons chart (total notes: 168).



【pop'n music 20】Like a pop'n music

【pop'n music 20】Like a pop'n music

POP'N POP 「Like a pop'n music」

POP'N POP 「Like a pop'n music」

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