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Lazuli is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. She is a main, unlockable character in Albireo's story, Luxury Carpet and Magic Urn (高級じゅうたんと魔法のツボ Koukyuu juutan to mahou no tsubo?), and wields a blue, jewel-shaped lapis.



その宝石、うちに預けてみーひん? 高う売ったるで!
As the rumors say, this world is sparkling~
...Well, there you are!

That gem, could you give it to me? Because it sells expensively!

Lazuli is a traveling merchant, who seems to have been drawn by the presence of the lapises. The large pot she carries appears to be inhabited by a strange, dark spirit, which is why she can't sell it anymore.


Lazuli has deep blue eyes, light brown skin, and silvery hair bunched into a large side ponytail tied with blue bands and decorated with a gold ring. Her attire consists of white capris with a light blue sash tied around her waist, blue boots, and a small blue and gold top that hangs off of her shoulders. She also wears a light blue scarf tied around her head. As a merchant, she's seen carrying a giant brown pack filled with various goods.

Lazuli's 2P changes the light blue colors of her original outfit to pink, and the darker blue parts to red. Her eyes are also red, and her hair becomes black. The gold decor of her outfit remains the same and her backpack is colored teal. Her 2P has a red jewel lapis.

NET Self

Attack Hold up! (まかしとき! Makashitoki!?)
Damage That was tough~ (しんどいわ~ Shintoiwa~?)
GOOD Play Wow~ (ええわ~ Eewa~?)
BAD Play Oh no! (あか~ん! Aka~n!?)
WIN Thank you! (おおきにっ! Ookini!?)
LOSE Oh no! (しもたぁぁ~ Shimataa?)


Lazuli is named after the stone lapis lazuli, known for it's blue color. Her name also relates to the title of Lapistoria.


  • Lazuli's birthdate is identical to Ashley=Boa's and Weiß's
  • Midori and Abraham make a cameos in Lazuli's FEVER! animations.
  • Lazuli is the only new character of the 12/5/14 update.
  • Lazuli uses her emoticons in the Pop'n Music twitter page as §(*0▽0), §(*¥ω¥), and §(≧▽0).
    • She is notably the second to have more than one emoticon.
  • Lazuli shares the blue jewel with Ao Dokyou no Mikoto.
  • Lazuli speaks in a Kansai accent on her dialogue.





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