Kuranosuke Sutoku is one of the characters from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.


Get down! There is no path for you in the darkness of the night. For the commander of the youkai is I, the Daitengu Kuranosuke Sutoku!


Kuranosuke is a tengu with sea green eyes and messy, short light brown hair, worn over small black cap with wings on the sides of his head, along with red tengu mask. He wears a grey top tied with a light purple sash, black shorts with lighter leggings underneath, and a pair of single-toothed, black-red geta with matching socks, worn over a black cloak with white and red trim.

His 2P gives him a lighter version of his original colours; he has black-grey hair and sky blue eyes with his entire outfit in blue, light grey and orange.

NET Self

Attack (?)
Damage (?)
GOOD Play (?)
BAD Play (?)
WIN (?)
LOSE (?)


Ginmaru Tamamo and Raibu Shuten make cameos in Kuranosuke's Fever, Win, and Lose animations, while Tanaka-san appeared in his Win.



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