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クラフト? Kurafuto ?

Kraft Uncle Jam

Kraft Uncle Jam 2P

Kraft Uncle Jam Icon
Birthplace Russia?
Birthdate "September 21st" (September 3rd)
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Hidden
Hobby Housework in general? Sometimes troubled men need a hand?
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Eel pie, beautiful girls...what are you saying!?
Dislikes Takoyaki, bread
First Appearance pop'n music 2
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 10 (ee'MALL)
Theme(s) Pop Rap

E-Rap 2 (ee'MALL, formerly)

Designer(s) p-cat

Kraft? is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 2.


ロシアで一家に一台の万能お手伝いロボット! …って、あれ? こんなところにファスナーってあったっけ? 

An all-purpose robot from Russia helping out in the family! ...Wait, huh? What's a zipper doing in such a place?


Kraft appears nearly identical to Kraft in appearance, however, is outfit is only a costume, and parts of Uncle Jam's hair and beard can be seen from underneath the hat.

Kraft?'s 2P is identical to the original Kraft's as well, being all white with some light blue sections.

NET Self

Attack Proceed~ (イキマス~ Ikimasu ~?)
Damage That hurts (イタイデス Itaidesu?)
GOOD Play Great (イイデス Īdesu?)
BAD Play No good (ダメデス Damedesu?)
WIN Take that (ヤリマシタ Yarimashita?)
LOSE Defeated (マケマシタ Makemashita?)


  • Kraft?'s birthdate is identical to Uncle Jam's, as Kraft? is simply Uncle Jam in disguise.





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