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KoKo is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 2.


 A club owner in Montmartre, Paris, she's the younger twin sister of older sister Chamel. They're three sisters with a cool relationship that only meet on Christmas. Actually, they work as professional jewelry thieves as their secondary familiar business. It's secret!


KoKo has long, straight blonde hair, and keeps most of her face hidden by a pair of blue and pink sunglasses. She wears an all black suit with a deep neckline and white collar, as well as a red belt and matching black heels.

In her 2P palette her hair becomes bright blue, and her suit is split into a white top with light gray pants, and her heels shift to white.

NET Self

Attack So rude (あら失礼 Ara shitsurei?)
Damage Nooo (イヤ~ン Iyaan?)
GOOD Play Hahaha (うふふ Ufufu?)
BAD Play Dang (あらら Arara?)
WIN Hahaha♪ (ウフフ♪ Ufufu♪?)
LOSE Mortifying! (くやし~! Kuyashii!?)

Other Character Comments

Pop'n 1&2 Characters Now

ふだんはクールな関係だけど、ひさしぶりに帰った妹に絵のモデルを頼まれたんだって。 渋々返事をしてたけど、実は…。
It's normally a refreshing relationship, but my sister asked me to model for a picture after returning home after a long time. Although, I had to reluctantly answer...


  • KoKo's birthdate is identical to Elle's.





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