桐生 Kiryū

Kiryu 1P

Kiryu 2P

Wait!! You're disturbing public morals!

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Birthplace Yokohama
Birthdate January 20th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Hobby Protecting the school's public morals
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Incompetent officers on our student council
Dislikes A world without order
First Appearance pop'n music ラピストリア
Other Appearance(s) None
Theme(s) 乱れた風紀に天罰を
Designer(s) ちっひ, NAGI

Kiryu is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He is a main, unlockable character from Madoka's story, Madoka's Counterattack (まどか先生の逆襲 Madoka sensei no gyakushuu?), and wields a white, jewel-shaped lapis. He first makes an appearance in Hiumi's FEVER! Win animation, Madoka's Miss, Lose, and FEVER Win animations, and one of Lapistoria's animations; until in an update of November 21, 2014 (also in the Story arc The Secret of the Principal's Office?), the name "Kiryu" was given. Because 乱れた風紀に天罰を is a narrative song, Kiryu is probably voiced by Hiroyuki Endo.



The public morals should always be like a calm river. However, when speaking about this academy recently...

Wait!! You're disturbing public morals!

A very self-centered and loyal treasurer of Hiumi and Miyu. He worries about the moral that the magical Pop'n school holds, and has a strict attitude of proper regulations of the school.

As told in Madoka's Counterattack (まどか先生の逆襲 Madoka sensei no gyakushuu?), Madoka has been chasing Kiryu for times.



Kiryu has short blond hair with swept bangs, dark blue eyes, and silver framed glasses. He sports a predominately navy blue uniform, with a coat with white lining, a gray midsection with white buttons, and a gray collar, as wells as a yellow band on his left arm. Underneath he has a white ruffled shirt with decorated with a yellow jewel. His pants has gray stripes on the side, and are worn with gray dress shoes.

His 2P colors give him an all white uniform, albeit the gray sections keep their color and the lining of his coat and his shirt are also gray. His hair and eyes are shifted to gray as well. His arm band is red. In this palette, his jewel-shaped lapis is purple.


Kiryu is first shown in Hiumi's new FEVER! Win animation She also appeared in his FEVER! and Win animation; along with Miyu, and also appears in Madoka's Miss, Lose, and FEVER! Win animations plus Lapistoria's animation.

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  • Hiumi makes a cameo appearance in Kiryu's FEVER! animation, while both her and Miyu appear in his Win animation.
    • Madoka appears in both his Lose and FEVER WIN animations.
  • Kiryu shares the white jewel lapis with Eclipse and Kirishima Tsukasa.
  • Kiryu receives his own emote in the Pop'n Music Twitter page, as с□へ□]✧, с□o□]✧, and с□ー□]✧.
  • Kiryu is possibly based in Sylvie.




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