Tsukasa Kirishima , voiced by Daisuke Namikawa, is one of the characters from Tokimeki Restaurant, making his appearance in Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He wields a white, jewel-shaped lapis.


Tsukasa is the leader of the group 3 Majesty, where his fellow members are Shinnosuke Otowa and Kaito Tsuji. His hobbies are reading watching movies. He loves eating healthy, light food with vegetables, but hates junk food. He also attended at a university, enjoys karate and dancing.


Show Up!

Tsukasa has blue eyes and short, messy blond hair. His attire is all white and consists of a jacket with a gold decoration on his right shoulder, pants, and black shoes and fingerless gloves.


Tsukasa gains a new costume, albeit his animations and clothing colors were kept intact. His white jacket now has gold and blue accents, and he has white shoes.

NET Self

Attack I'll go with all my power! (全力でいく! Zenryoku de iku!?)
Damage Unexpected...! (想定外だ・・・! Sōtei-gaida…!?)
GOOD Play I've got to concentrate (集中するんだ Shūchū surun da?)
BAD Play That's not it (そうじゃない Sō janai?)
WIN ...As according to my strategy (・・・戦略通りだ …Senryaku dōrida?)
LOSE What caused my defeat? (敗因は何だ? Haīn wa nanda??)


  • Kirishima Tsukasa's birthdate is identical to Aya's, Hara=Hetta's, Really's, TangTang's, Yang-Yang's, Temari's, and Natsubo's.
  • Like most crossover characters, Tsukasa has no 2P palette.
  • Otowa Shinnosuke and Tsuji Kaito, two other Tokimeki Restaurant characters from Tsukasa's band 3 Majesty appear in his FEVER!, Win, and FEVER! Win animations.
  • As revealed in his Tokimeki Restaurant info, Tsukasa is 185cm (6'1") and has type A blood.
  • Kirishima Tsukasa shares the white jewel with Eclipse and Kiryu.




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