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霧雨魔理沙 Kirisame Marisa
Marisa Kirisame
Appearing from Touhou Project!

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Birthplace The Kirisame household in the Forest of Magic
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Dark Yellow
Hair Color Blonde
Hobby Collecting things; such as hats and books, looking for trouble
Relative(s) Reimu Hakurei (friend)
Likes Collecting anything, especially magic
Dislikes Resolving troubles
First Appearance pop'n music ラピストリア
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music éclale-Present
Theme(s) Struggle


Designer(s) ちっひ
Marisa Kirisame is a main character from the Touhou Project video game series, making her appearance in Pop'n Music Lapistoria, where she wields a yellow, jewel shaped lapis.


Marisa is an ordinary magician from Gensokyo specializing in light and heat magic. She's very informal to be condescending towards others with no interest in showing sympathy, and is also known to tell blatant lies which can be rather uncooperative.

More info on Marisa can be read here.


Marisa has long blonde hair with a braided part on the left side and dark yellow eyes. She wears a white shirt with short sleeves underneath a black top. Her skirt is black with white frills and an apron, and her shoes are plain black with white socks. She also wears a black witch hat, tied with a large bow.

NET Self

Attack Barrage is power (弾幕はパワー Danmaku wa pawā?)
Damage Ouch~! (いって~! Ite~!?)
GOOD Play It feels good (いい感じだぜ Ī kanji daze?)
BAD Play Hmm (ふん Fun?)
WIN I win! (勝ったぜ! Kata ze!?)
LOSE Dang~ (くっそ~ Kuso~?)





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