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[[Category:Sana Characters]]

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  • Full Name:Kili Uchida
  • Nickname:Kili
  • Kanji Form:
  • Katakana Form:
  • Birthplace:Tokyo
  • Gender:Female
  • Race:Human
  • Eye Color:Blue
  • Hair Color:Gray
  • Likes:Jewerly
  • Dislikes:Cigarettes
  • Appearance:Cafe, Adventure, Comic Strip of Party


Kili is a shy character within she have her promised date of Tokyo.


9 kili neutral

Kili Neutral

Kili wears a tannish jacket with black pants and red shoes. Her hairdo is a boyish-like hair.
  • Genre-Emotional
  • Song-Loveholic
  • Artist-Sana
  • Background-Her hometown is Tokyo


  • Kili is one of the Sana Characters of Pop'n Music. The others are Sanae-chan, Tsurara (White Eve) , Ratte, Kicoro, and Donna (ee'mall)


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