キカ Kika


Kika 2P

Kika 19 IconKika 19 2P IconKika IconKika 2P Icon
Birthplace Cordelia (Uranus IV)
Birthdate February 26th
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light brown
Hobby Learning a foreign language. Now studying Japanese for 23 events!
Relative(s) None
Likes Earth. It's exceedingly blue and beautiful!
Dislikes Space mice, customers getting too drunk
First Appearance pop'n music 6
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music TUNE STREET
Theme(s) Light Fusion

80's Pretty Pop

Designer(s) shio (pop'n 6) ちっひ (TUNE STREET)

Kika is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 6.


Attention please! She is from Mars bound regular contact shuttle "Eserac" cabin crew. She'll get back with you when you see them walking to the elegance on the space lounge, right?

Character Information

See Kika/Character Information.


Light Fusion

Kika appears as a young woman with short light brown hair and green eyes. She wears a short orange dress with white trim and a red belt, as well as pearl earrings and a white bracelet on her right wrist. She wears a bucket hat sharing similar colors to her dress and white heels while carrying a pink bag on her shoulder.

Her 2P palette colors all of the orange sections of her outfit blue and gives her a black belt with a darker blue bag. Her hair becomes lime green and her eyes blue.

80's Pretty Pop

Kika reappears wearing a blue mini dress with a white belt, collar, and buttons. She once again wears white heels and pearl earrings, and now wears gray pantyhose and white gloves. Her small hat is white with a blue patch.


Kika, along with Mimi and Nyami, make cameos on Meteor's Lose animation. Her tour guide apparel is different from her TUNE STREET one; it is fully white with light blue sections and triangular accents.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET:
Today, a long time ago, and in the future, everyone's longing space trip. For help to spend our fun time, do your best to smile today.






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