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Keri Maro needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

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Keri Maro is missing some animations or character artwork, or the current images are unsatisfactory.

Keri Maro is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.


3003年 ケマリンカップアジア予選に出場中。この鞠は絶対に譲らない!
 I'm qualifying in Asia's Kemarin Cup in the year 3003. I'll never give up on this ball![1]


Kerimaro is a white-skinned figure who wears a black hat, blue, traditional shirt with the number 16, black pants, and shoes with red socks.

His 2P alteration has a white-platinum variant with red sections. on his shirt and blue socks. His hat is also midnight blue, and his physical blush is pink instead of red.




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