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ケリー Kerii


Kelly 2P

Kelly SciFi

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Birthplace Near Cygnus
Birthdate March 7th
Gender Female
Race Alien
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Light blue
Hobby Collecting figures. Also an avid fan of Star Wars
Relative(s) Ageha (subordinate)
Likes Ninjas. Aren't they an oriental mystery?
Dislikes Pickles
First Appearance pop'n music 2 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 7 CS, pop'n music 8
Theme(s) J-Garage Pop
Raga Pop
Designer(s) P-CAT

Kelly is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 2.


An alien that was sent to invade Earth. The Earth's dancing was a cultural shock!
She seems to have forgotten her important mission. "This is so addictive, I can't stop!"


Kelly is tall with pale skin, red eyes, and short light blue hair curved around her face. She wears a pale green vest with an upside-down heart symbol over a black shirt with matching green pants and white heeled shoes. Her original appearance in used for Modern'80 and Raga Pop. In Raga Pop she appears with the MAMBO A GOGO character Kitten 777.

Her 2P gives her white hair and green eyes, and most her outfit shifts to dark gray. Her shirt under her vest is deep green. In the second game, this palette was her 5P coloring

In Pop'n Music 2 CS, Kelly has four other palettes as well. Her 2P gave her green skin and chestnut colored hair, and her outfit was gray with a blue shirt. Her 3P made her outfit black and red and she gained blonde hair and blue eyes. Kelly's 4P changed her attire to lemon chiffon with a light orange shirt, lavender hair, and magenta eyes. Her 6P made her hair light teal and she wore a pink outfit with brown shoes and a black shirt. Lastly, her 6P had brown hair, green eyes, and all black attire.

NET Self

Attack High spirits☆ (ノリノリ☆ Norinori☆?)
Damage Eeeek (きゃーー Kyaaaa?)
GOOD Play Beep♪ (ピポ♪ Pipo♪?)
BAD Play Oops☆ (あらら☆ Arara☆?)
WIN So~fun (た~のしぃ Ta~noshii?)
LOSE Beep, I lost (まけたピポ Maketa pipo?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode

Conversation Only (Phase Rainbow Trio)

The Earth's dance game is amazing!
Until I master it,
I won't stoooooop!!!!


  • Kelly's 6P palette is used in her gallery illustration on the Pop'n Music 2 CS site.
    • It's also used in an ending illustration in Pop'n Music 3 CS.
  • In one of Kelly's hobbies, a circle symbol blocks out part of Star Wars, appearing as "ス○ーウォーズ" instead of "スターウォーズ". This hobby isn't shown on her card.





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