Keigo is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.



KEIGO☆ finally grown up to rise on the same stage, chasing the honoring musician!

It seems that he is resting to raise photos of his meals and scenes on his blog lately.[1]


Keigo is a man with amber-colored eyes, and has pale hazel-colored hair with a short-length style. He is shown wearing a violet shirt that comments "STAR" in the center. He also wears a red and white plaid scarf in his waist and denim jeans. Plus, he has black boots along with finger-cut gloves. His original palette is recycled in 零の位相 from Pop'n Music éclale

In his 2P color palette, Keigo's hair color is a violet-red color instead of orange, while his eyes consists of a dark purple or mauve color. His shirt is a darker sea green color and his plaid scarf is white and grey. The grey thin sections match his gloves. Keigo's pants are a dark pink color and his boots are shown with a yellowish brown color. His 2P color palette is shown in Maji LOVE 1000%, from pop'n music Sunny Park.


  • Keigo's birthdate is identical to Erika's, Karoline & Yangels', and Kanoko's.
  • Keigo is a huge fan of Justice, having clothes and a poster in his likeness, and gets flustered when he is around. Fans often take this further and suggest that he is Keigo's love interest.
    • Both characters' themes have the "J-Rock φ" genre.






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