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Karoline & Yangels needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Karoline & Yangels are characters from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.


We wanted to make friends with the Earthlings★
Mimi, Nyami, thank you so much![1]


Karoline and Yangels are yellow-skinned aliens with grey bodysuits and white hair with cyan ombres. Karoline has green eyes and carries a female bob cut with magenta hair clips, and her shoes are a gradient of pink. Yangels, unlike his sister, has a crazy hairstyle, and wears magenta sunglasses.

Their 2P palette is an inverted version of their original palette.

NET Self

Attack Fwoop! (シュキーン! Shukīn!?)
Defense Kha!! (クッハーー! Kuhhaーー !?)
GOOD Play Isn't that nice! (インジャネ! Injane!?)
BAD Play It's no use, is it? (だめじゃね ? Damejane??)
WIN Uchuchu~ (ウチュチュ~ Uchuchu~?)
LOSE Was that no good? (ヘタジャネ? Hetajane??)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode

Battle (Phase 3)

Guten Tag! Konnichiwa!
 Would you like to play with us?


  • Karoline & Yangels were mentioned to be the rival characters for 晴香-HARUKA-, as told by Seiya-Murai in his comment for UNBOUND MIND.
  • Karoline & Yangels share their birthdate with Keigo, Erika, and Kanoko.
  • They are one of the pairs of characters to have no 2P palettes.
  • If the player chooses the 1P palette of Karoline & Yangels, he or she will play as Karoline. The 2P palette is Yangels; however, Yangels' palette is inverted.





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