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Karli is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 2.



The lady of a Maharaja orthodox that's really rare nowadays.
Supposedly, there are 100 cooks, 500 elephants, and 1000 servants. [1]

Karli is a young Indian woman from a wealthy family in India. She's fond of dancing and making sweet curry, and keeps hundreds of elephants as pets. She's especially fond of her pet white elephant, Pakuti.

Character Information[]

See Karli/Character Information.



Karli has waist length, curly deep blue hair and black eyes with cyan eyeshadow. She wears a blue tube top with long sheer sleeves, and blue harem pants with white decorations that hang off her side. Her headdress, earrings, necklace, and belt are also gold in color. Her shoes are a similar color and are pointed.

Karli's 2P palette makes her outfit completely magenta, while giving her light purple eyeshadow, darker skin, and bright blue hair.

Pop'n Stage[]

Karli appears again in Pop'n Stage wearing a new outfit consisting of a cyan crop top with lavender trim, and a matching long skirt. She also wears cyan wristbands that are outlined in gold.

Her 2P colors give her darker skin and dark periwinkle hair. Her outfit becomes mostly red and deep pink and her eyes are now blue.

Hindi Pop[]

Karli's outfit is now mostly pink and purple, with purple eyeshadow, a pink and gold trimmed top, and sheer purple sleeves that are kept in gold bands at her wrists. Her skirt is long with white frilled layers, with fuchsia, purple, and indigo colors. Her jewelry is similar to her debut, although she now has a golden navel piercing. Her hair is kept up with a gold and pink hair tie, and she wears gold heels. She's also shown carrying a golden genie lamp.

Her 2P palette gives her all white clothes with gold trim, and her sleeves remain purple. Her hair and eyes are both lavender and her skin is darker. She now has pink eyeshadow. Her bindi changes from red to blue. The lamp she carries is now silver.


Karli in her Hindi Pop costume, creates a cameo on Ruu-san's Win animation, along with NaN's head.

Karli in her Masara costume creates a cameo on NaN's Fever WIN animation.

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Stage:[2]
Karli took the role of a heroine in a Masala movie.
There's singing, there's dancing, there's action (elephants), and SFX (with flying). Although it was very hard due to so much content, it was really fun.
There was a long screening run, so everyone came to see at least once.

Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪:[3]
Fun curry party today! Tens of thousands kinds of curry from all over India,
Several hundred elephants, all gathered at the castle of Maharaja!

NET Self[]

Attack Let's go (イキマース Ikimāsu?)
Damage *screams* (キャッ Kyatsu?)
GOOD Play Ufufu (ウフフ Ufufu?)
BAD Play Huh? (アラ? Ara??)
WIN Happy! (ウレシイ! Ureshī!?)
LOSE Boohoo... (シクシク… Shikushiku…?)


  • Nan makes cameo appearances in Karli's animation in Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.
  • Karli's birthdate is identical to NaN's.
    • Their birthdates originate from Curry Day.
  • Although Karli gains new animations in Pop'n Stage, she does not get a new song.
  • Karli's bio differs slightly between the Pop'n Music 2 website and the Pop'n Stage website.