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Kanoko is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


 Fluttering and following the moon. I am a rabbit. Flying in the sky like a Tengu.



Kanoko has slightly bright skin and dark brown eyes. Her hair is formed into a sharp, gradually curvy, and short hairstyle with an auburn color. A hot pink headband with a lotus is wrapped around her hair. Her kimono has a wacky style, including a yellow color on the left and a lime-green color on the right. Hot pink sections split her skirt and on a large belt, with a black section. A heart is printed on the right sleeve, while a skull and a "X" icon are printed on the left. Kanoko has striped panty-hose and pink, one-stalled geta. Her original color palette is shown in 夏祭り, from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE and マイアガル、マイオドル from Pop'n Music peace.

In her 2P color palette, Kanoko's eye color is gray instead of brown and her hair color is merged to an indigo color. Her kimono is darkly gray, as the stripes and geta match her microphone and sections of her lower dress and waistband. Her 2P color palette was confirmed in 回レ! 雪月花, from Pop'n Music Sunny Park and 打打打打打打打打打打 from Pop'n Music Lapistoria.


In the Pop'n Music Sunny Park Card Collection Vol. 2, Kanoko's appearance is modified, such as her makeup, consisting of red marks over hers eyes and lips and also on her side bangs. She have a fancy flower accessory that includes a red flower, yellow cloth, and pink-white beads. Her kimono is colored cerulean on the left chest area and on the sleeve that contains a mountain print. The orange color done the same thing, as there is a circle print with stripes that represent the sun. Around her shoulders is a round candy-cane-colored waist rope. Her obi is red with one half being checker-patterned. She wears red geta and a pair of mismatched white socks; her right sock has red stripes, while the left is lower.

Other Character Comments[]

Change Card[]


When it comes to Kanoko, her Sunday best clothes are always even more gorgeous and auspicious! The point of the snake co-starring at her foot was to celebrate the Year of the Snake...is it real?!

NET Self[]

ATTACK Eiya! (えりや! Eiya! )
DAMAGE Turning, turning  (まわるまわる Mawaru mawaru)               
GOOD PLAY I had it  (さいたさいた saita saita )                  
BAD PLAY I do not know  (しらずしらず shirazu shirazu)
WIN Elegant Heart (はんなりの心 Han'nari no kokoro)
LOSE I am missing you ( 行方知れず Yukueshirezu)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode[]


Ya, I'm doing a live concert,
 but I'm currently shorthanded!
 Can you help me?
 Just a little bit.
 I'm rather honored!