I've been invited to a summer festival
The music surrounds me on this special night
I find myself getting lost in the moment
Graciously dancing and you're in my sight
You're stepping along can't get my eyes off of you
Then I see you're looking back at me
Could this be what I think it is?
Can feel my heart beat like a new butterfly

I know you've got to be the one
I could tell when our eyes met each other
I can't help my knees are feeling weak

※ As I feel myself falling fast
  You've got the cutest little smile
  We can tell there's attraction going on now
  Stars are all aligning
  One-by-one for our love
  You are my Prince Charming
  And you make me feel like I am a KIMONO♥PRINCESS

I'm not dreaming
I know you've got to be the one
I could tell when our eyes met each other
I can't help my knees are feeling weak

※ repeat

Song Connections/Remixes

  • A long version of KIMONO♥PRINCESS, titled KIMONO♥PRINCESS (TGS2010 Ver.), can be found in the DanceEvolution Original Soundtrack.
  • A portion of KIMONO♥PRINCESS is featured in DanceDanceRevolution (2010)'s HOTTEST PARTY 3 nonstop megamix.


  • During the DanceDanceRevolution X2 location tests, KIMONO♥PRINCESS was one of the FINAL STAGE-only songs, along with POSSESSION.
    • On the final release of DanceDanceRevolution X2, KIMONO♥PRINCESS is the default EXTRA STAGE song. Obtaining an AA or higher on KIMONO♥PRINCESS lets you play roppongi EVOLVED as the ENCORE EXTRA STAGE.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS marks the first appearance of Anna Kaelin in pop'n music.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's songwheel genre (姫コア) reads as HIME CORE.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's pop'n music EX chart has a couple of BPM changes to 11 BPM, to simulate the stops in the original DanceDanceRevolution charts.
  • On the pop'n music 20 fantasia staff comments for KIMONO♥PRINCESS, PON coins the phrase "soflan" when referring to the song's BPM changes. "Soflan" is a reference to beatmania IIDX 2nd style's SOFT LANDING ON THE BODY and its big BPM changes.

Difficulty and Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 356 370 979 1209 440 715
Pop'n Music 20 fantasia 17 18 35 41 25 32
Sunny Park→Present ※4 24 ↑42 47 25 32



【pop'n music 20】KIMONO PRINCESS

【pop'n music 20】KIMONO PRINCESS

KIMONO♥PRINCESS pop'n music 20 fantasia O.S

KIMONO♥PRINCESS pop'n music 20 fantasia O.S.T





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