ガラス玉ひとつ 落とされた 追いかけてもうひとつ落っこちた
ひとつ分の陽だまりに ひとつだけ残ってる

心臓が始まった時 嫌でも人は場所を取る
奪われない様に 守り続けてる

汚さずに保ってきた手でも 汚れて見えた
記憶を疑う前に 記憶に疑われてる

必ず僕らは出会うだろう 同じ鼓動の音を目印にして
ここに居るよ いつだって呼んでるから
くたびれた理由が 重なって揺れる時


GLASS dama hitotsu otosareta oikakete mou hitotsu okkochita
hitotsu bun no hidamari ni hitotsu dake nokotteru

shinzou ga hajimatta toki iya demo hito wa basho wo toru
ubawarenai you ni mamoritsuzuketeru

yogosazu ni tamottekita te demo yogorete mieta
kioku wo utagau mae ni kioku ni utagawareteru

kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
onaji kodou no oto wo mejirushi ni shite
koko ni iru yo itsu datte yonderu kara
kutabireta riyuu ga kasanatte yureru toki
yakusoku wa hatasareru 
bokura wa hitotsu ni naru


A single glass marble fell, followed by another
In a patch of sunshine made for one, only one remains

When a person's heart starts beating, 
they assume a place, even if they don't want to
and they stay to protect that place, so no one takes it away

Even hands that you've kept clean will appear dirty
before you have a chance to doubt your memory
your memory will doubt you

I'm certain we'll meet one another,
our hearts which beat the same and will mark the way
'cause I'm right here, always calling out to you
When all the old reasons start to lose their ground
We will finish the promise,
And become one

Song Connections / Remixes



  • カルマ is a cover of the 2005 song by Japanese artist BUMP OF CHICKEN, which was released as a single alongside supernova. It was also on their 2007 album, Orbital Period.
  • カルマ was used as the opening theme of the Japanese version of the PlayStation 2 RPG game Tales of the Abyss.

Music Comment

We are born to overlay work. This song debuts in fate.

Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle PSP-Exclusive
5 N H EX N H 5H 7 7H
Notecounts 159 336 573 849 261 - 336 336 573
pop'n music portable 9 17 30 34 12 - 16 16 24
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