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Jyun & Shingo are characters from Pop'n Music 4.


メジャーデビューはいつの日か!?Three times a week, they do a live performance on a corner of the street.
They are so popular that there are also girls who come to hear them everytime...
Will they make their major debut someday!?


Jyun is a brown-haired boy with regular brown eyes who wears a gray hat. He dons a brown top, dark blue pants, and black tennis shoes. Overlapping his top is a white jacket with a tan-colored collar folded. Jyun mainly carries a chestnut-colored acoustic guitar. His original color palette remains in Street from the CS version of Pop'n Music 6.

Shingo is an orange-haired boy with simple black eyes who has an ear pierced with a gray pearl-shaped earring and a hoop. His outfit includes cyan-colored pants with a right knee area torn up, and black tennis shoes. He also sports a midnight-colored jock jersey with beige sleeves. Shingo mainly carries a dark brown acoustic guitar. His original color palette also remains in Street from the CS version of Pop'n Music 6.

Street Tune[]

In Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET, the duo dons different clothes. Jyun wears a primarily white Polo shirt with two large light blue and yellow stripes (the collar is also light blue) on top of gray long sleeve shirt. and shorts that are solid dark brown. He dons a brown cap with purple and yellow pins on the left side. The sneakers are varying shades of gray, and his socks are dark gray with black edges. The guitar case he carries is solid black. In the 2P palette, his skin is fairer, his hair becomes orange-brown, and his eyes turn a dark bluish-gray color. The cap and shirt become primarily black; the stripes on his shirt become salmon pink and white. The long sleeve under the polo is pink and his shorts appear as light blue denim. The shoes are black with light blue accents and grey socks, and the guitar case shifts to gray color.

Shingo wears a bright green hoodie with purple and yellow round designs on one side. He has on olive green cargo shorts and shoes with a purple and white checkered pattern that matches the wrist wrap on his left arm, although the latter is striped instead. Now, Shingo has a red electric guitar with a dark gray neck and "Peace" written in white along one side of the body.

In the 2P palette, his hair is blond, his hoodie is white, and the shorts turn baby blue. His shoes have a black and sky blue checkered pattern instead, and his guitar case is red. The buttons on his hoodie (and Jyun's cap) are blue and yellow now.


In the main page of Pop'n 1-4, Jyun wears a dark blue shirt with orange sections in each sleeve, a gray scarf, and light gray pants. His shoes are dark green.


  • Jyun shares his birthdate with Satou-san and Rachel.
  • In the Pop'n Music 4 AC website, Jyun's name is spelled as Jun.