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June is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.


Character Information[]

"I will change☆"
I thought I was wondering how good Honey is, the tactics went up sexy with a female spy.
It seems it was like between April to July.

A bodacious girl with a spicy hustle punch☆
That I designed as a feeling.
I think, however now, that it was a cool anime...



Like other female spy personas, June is a dark-skinned woman with short, yellow hair and blue eyes. She dons a cerulean-colored dress with a magenta butterfly print located on her lower right side, and white high-heeled boots. June has a long, red scarf around her neck, a blue butterfly ornament located on her left head, and white, pear-shaped earrings.

NET Self[]

Attack Flash (フラッシュ Furasshu?)
Damage Aah☆ (ああんっ☆ Aann☆?)
GOOD Play Uhuhu☆ (うふふ☆ Ufufu☆?)
BAD Play Oh no☆ (あらん☆ Aran☆?)
WIN I'll change (かわるわよ Kawaruwa yo?)
LOSE Hrmm... (くっ・・・ Kuu...?)


  • June is the only Pop'n Music 10 character to appear in a TV/Anime license.
  • June is one of the female characters to be named by a month, and she is one of the original woman spies.
  • Despite her very first appearance, June's debut song has been removed by Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden. This makes her the only TV/Anime license character to not receive any song.
  • June, along with the identical personas, July and April, are surprisingly the same person, and it is truly May in disguise (note that she collect wigs as her hobby).
  • June's birthdate is identical to Jeff's and Mebae's.
    • Her birthdate also coincides with the date of the first successful radio broadcast in Japan, which was on June 1st, 1925.
  • June resembles the appearance in May's FEVER! WIN animation, but she was wearing lingerie.