ジューン Juun
June Icon
Birthplace  ??
Birthdate June 1st
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Dark blue
Hair Color Blonde
Hobby Wig collecting. I have doubles for fun and profit from guys!
Relative(s) None
Likes Perfume. Mitsuko and Poison are especially nice......
Dislikes ......Secret
First Appearance pop'n music 10
Other Appearance(s) None
Theme(s) キューティー
Designer(s) shio

June is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.


Character Information

"I will change☆"
I thought I was wondering how good Honey is, the tactics went up sexy with a female spy.
It seems it was like between April to July.

A bodacious girl with a spicy hustle punch☆
That I designed as a feeling.
I think, however now, that it was a cool anime...



Like other female spy personas, June is a dark-skinned woman with short, yellow hair and blue eyes. She dons a cerulean-colored dress with a magenta butterfly print located on her lower right side, and white high-heeled boots. June has a long, red scarf around her neck, a blue butterfly ornament located on her left head, and white, pear-shaped earrings.

NET Self

Attack Flash (フラッシュ Furasshu?)
Damage Aah☆ (ああんっ☆ Aann☆?)
GOOD Play Uhuhu☆ (うふふ☆ Ufufu☆?)
BAD Play Oh no☆ (あらん☆ Aran☆?)
WIN I'll change (かわるわよ Kawaruwa yo?)
LOSE Hrmm... (くっ・・・ Kuu...?)


  • June is the only pop'n 10 character to appear in a TV/Anime license.
  • June is one of the female characters to be named by a month, and she is one of the original woman spies.
  • Despite her very first appearance, June's debut song has been removed by Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden. This makes her the only TV/Anime license character to not receive any song.
  • June, along with the identical personas, July and April, are surprisingly the same person, and it is truly May in disguise (note that she collect wigs as her hobby).
  • June's birthdate is identical to Jeff's and Mebae's.




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