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July is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 8.


The enigmatic, mysterious, oriental beauty who suddenly appeared in the this street in the first summer.
Last month she called herself June; furthermore, what will be next...?

Character Information[]

Mambo's responsible character is the woman spy! And the Sugoroku campaign is on July! Unexpectedly, she has done something completely evil. I wanted to give the animation over for a little bit of time...
It seems that it will be an old film theme tune in here, and I love to stir up various of speech images. The beautiful girl and the three women are all present in the amazing and exciting drama for certain! There's joining hands, double-crossing, fashion show disguise, action, a popular scene...wild ideas have been spread.



Similar to May, July has a light brown complexion, dark blue eyes, and scarlet hair, but longer. Her costume is a dress with a blue, circular gradient, reaching to its lighter version, along with dark blue high heels, light gray stockings, sky-blue butterfly ornament on her left side of her hair, and long, matching gloves.

NET Self[]

Attack (召しませ☆?)
Damage (ああんっ☆?)
GOOD Play (ウフフ☆?)
BAD Play (あらん☆?)
WIN (任務完了!?)
LOSE (くっ・・・?)


  • July is one of the female characters to be named by a month, and she is one of the original woman spies.
  • July shares her birthdate with Gere-Gere, Ai, Aka Dokyou no Mikoto and Ao Dokyou no Mikoto.
  • July's appearance was first spotted on May's FEVER! animation, but her dress has additional butterfly patterns, compared to the one in her standalone animations from Pop'n Music 8.
    • July's miss animation, her blowing smoke from a pipe, is a callback to May's FEVER! animation.
  • July, along with the identical personas, June and April, are surprisingly the same person, and it is truly May in disguise (note that she collect wigs as her hobby).