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Jouro-Hime is one of the characters from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.


-This world is like a watering can with scattered flowers-
Welcome to the garden where despair blooms


Jouro-Hime is mainly known for her blonde, hime-cut, pale purple eyes, and a gray cat beanie, with black straps and a white "2-B" print. She sports a white, baggy shirt with another "2-B" print tied on her waist, worn over a blue school swimsuit along with gray irregular socks, and blue shoes. She carries a water gun that resembles a rifle that matches her straps on her top.

Jouro-Hime's 2P gives her grey hair and matching eyes. Her shirt and shoes are red, whilst her straps and gun are yellow. Her beanie is white and her socks are turquoise.

NET Self


  • Bit and Cosine make cameos on Jouro-Hime's FEVER! and Win animations as targets, while Raimu and Moni Moni, appear in her Lose animation.
  • Jouro-hime's profile description contains the Japanese term "scattered flowers" (華と散る hana to chiru?), which is an idiom used to refer to dying cleanly (in a war), like a flower blooming in the moment.





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