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Jomanda is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park. He originates from another BEMANI series, Jubeat.


These wings drenched in sin float on,
I await my awakening with the piled flowers


Jomanda is a pale skinned man, with a large, black feathered wing on his right side. His hair is two toned, with the right being light blue-gray and the left side a dark blue. His eyes are heterochromatic as well, and his right eye is dark blue and the left is glowing red. His ear on his left side is gray and wing-like, with marking extending onto his face. The rest of his attire is a simple blue-gray suit suit and shoes, worn with a white shirt underneath and a black tie. His original palette is recycled in Triple Counter from Pop'n Music éclale.

NET Self[]

Attack I will be fulfilled (時は満ちた Toki wa michita?)
Damage Eyes ache... (目が疼く… Me ga uzuku…?)
GOOD Play Still, not enough (まだ、足りぬ Mada, tarinu?)
BAD Play The moon is dyed... (月が染まる… Tsuki ga somaru…?)
WIN My awakening is now (覚醒めるは今 Kakusei meru wa ima?)
LOSE Fall with the flowers (散る花と共に Chiruhana to tomoni?)


  • Jomanda's birthdate is listed as "The day I fell into the darkness", but the set celebration date is September 2nd.
  • Jomanda's appearance is based on DJ Yoshitaka's.
    • Jomanda's birthdate is the inverted date of DJ Yoshitaka's, which is February 9th.
  • Jomanda shares his name with his song.
  • Although Jomanda has no 2P palette, he has a second icon used for Chara-Pop. However, it keeps his original colors.