Johnny Jounishi is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 11.


アアアアッアー!!! 光が丘のスピードスター、ジョニー城西!!嫌いな言葉は「腹八分目」!キアイ見せるんで、ヨロシク!!
Aaaaaaaah!! The speed star of Hikarigaoka, Johnny Jonishi!! He hates the words "take it easy"! When he's shown you his war cry, good luck!!

Character Information

It's a good character!
I hope you like the name and animations.
Good luck from me and Moro-chan, thank you!


My first crack at animation was with Johnny's, the FEVER animation is my personal favorite. It's violent at any rate!

And the music's tune is also fun. (crazy music)☆



Johnny is a hillbilly rooster with a rockabilly tone. He sports sunglasses, a black pompadour, yellow shirt, red pants and black shoes. His body is covered in white and red plumage. Johnny's instrument is a black double bass.

NET Self

Attack Johnny! (ジョニー! Jonī!?)
Damage Oops (おおっと Ōtto?)
GOOD Play Shout! (シャウト! Shauto!?)
BAD Play Tch (ちっ Chii?)
WIN (war cry) (おりゃー! Oryaa!?)
LOSE Wilted... (しんなり… Shinnari...?)

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Conversation only

オレの華麗なウッドベースさばき どうよ!?
このスピードは なかなか出せない!
Whaddya think of my beautiful double bass!?
This speed'll never ever give out!


Johnny Jounishi is modeled after Takeshi Jonishi, also known as JONY.C, a prominent programmer staff for Beatmania IIDX, another Bemani series. This was referenced in one of the Pop'n Music staff's blog posts as well as Jubeat's.


  • Johnny Jounishi shares his birthday with Silvia.
    • Johnny's birthdate is derived from Takeshi Jonishi's.





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