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Jessica is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 6.




Sister Jessica loves to sing.

There's a rumor that even the angels will dance to this groovy song devoted to everybody and God! One you hear her singing voice, you'll surely be in high spirits. Jesus! Won't you dance with us together?

Jessica is an African-American singer, who no longer works in entertainment and is now a nun.


Jessica has a dark complected skin, with light orange eyes and black irises, and only wears a traditional and religious, black nun habit attire. In her FEVER! WIN animation, she's revealed to have short blonde hair.

Her 2P color palettes gives Jessica a slightly tinted complexion of her dark skin, cerulean eyes, and a violet color for her dress.

NET Self[]

Attack (やっほー?)
Damage (えっ!??)
BAD Play NOO...
WIN (やったわ~?)
LOSE (くやし~!?)


Town Mode (Pop'n Music Tune Street)[]

Conversation Only [Phase 4][]

 (in a loud voice) Heellooo♪
 Good! Good job!
 I wish you all the best for your travels!


  • Jessica shares her birthdate with Shoko.
  • Jessica has had one of the longest histories of character design changes of any character in Pop'n Music history. Early versions of the character were planned as early as Pop'n Music 2, and were made yet again for Pop'n Music 3 and Pop'n Music 4, only to be rejected still. All these early designs depicted a white nun, as opposed to the final version of Jessica.
  • According to shio, she noted to wac the confusion of having a nun as a character for a soul song, and how Jessica was nearly scrapped as the character at one point.
  • It is very much possible that Konami got the idea for this character from Whoopi Goldberg's character in the movie Sister Act, where a soul singer becomes a nun.