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Jadeite is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria.

He first appears in Retsu's story, Finally Infiltrated! Principal's Office (ついに潜入!校長室 Tsui ni Sennyū! Kōchō Shitsu?), in which he can be unlocked.

He wields a black, diamond-shaped lapis and initially serves as one of the game's antagonists.


You've made it, my precious students.
I've been waiting for this moment forever, since before you were born...

Jadeite is the mysterious principal of the academy in Lapistoria. He collects the lapises of the students to conduct research on them in secret, and played a large part in the past experiments conducted in order to create black lapises. Through his research, he hopes to learn how to purify lapises, which is not a power he has naturally. He also seeks to strengthen his own lapis with the powers of the Tsugidoka.

Jadeite's goal was to purify Jade's lapis, but he ended up assisting in Jade's wish to become a god. After realizing the extent of Jade's plan and that Jade was being controlled by his lapis, Jadeite decided instead to help MZD, Mimi, Nyami, and the Tsugidoka! gang to bring the corrupted chairman back to his senses.

Returning in Pop'n Music éclale, he still has the same personality in Lapistoria, but he becomes kind and supportive. It is revealed he still feels guilty during the Lapistoria event, although Mimi and Nyami forgive him.

Character Information[1]

Welcome to the principal's office. This is the moment you've all been waiting for... It's everyone's school principal!

This is the principal we decided to go with, but I actually had three proposals: One that was half taken over by a dragon, one that was a cheerful playboy, and one with a serious feeling. It was PON-san's choice to go with the serious principal! (If I remember correctly.)

The idea that was written down was "He looks like a something of an artist, but he's actually after the students' lapises,"
But you may have noticed that only the second half of that made it in. Where did the art go...
They say life is all about subtraction, so at that time I think we tried to trim the fat and focus on the important parts.

The principal has been trying to cultivate lapises behind the scenes, scheming to have the Tsugidoka's four elemental powers in his own lapis. This is the setting that we used to proceed with the animations.
He seems bad, but don't you think that he has a sincerely held dream!? I think if you're going to become an adult, this kind of person is good!!

He's named after a black jade gemstone, which is very fitting for Lapistoria.
He also got his birthday (day of destiny) from there, but it feels a little more auspicious.

I was told by everyone on the team that his character select comment is sort of perverted.
I was really waiting this whole time for the story to get going, so I could the see the principal.

For various reasons, it wouldn't be fitting if the principal was only cool.
Finally, I took him to shio-san and asked her to strengthen the part with the Tsugidoka's four elemental powers in his FEVER animation a little bit!
I'm satisfied with the result.



Jadeite is a man with very pale skin, dark blue eyes and wavy dark grey hair. There is a blue-grey blotch on the left side of his face. He wears grey scholarly robes under a grey and black mantle with a high white collar. His mantle is decorated with cyan stripes. He has tall black boots and a long blue tie with a purple gradient.

Jadeite's 2P palette changes his hair to blond. His robes are faded yellow and his mantle is accented with dark blue. His tie is a brighter yellow with a green gradient.


Jadeite appears in Jade's Good and Lose animations.

NET Self

Attack The time has come (時は満ちた Toki wa michita?)
Damage Such power... (なんという力 Nan toiu chikara?)
GOOD Play Come... (おいで… Oide...?)
BAD Play Yet another failure... (また失敗かっ Mata shippai kaa?)
WIN It's in my hands. (手に入れたぞ Te ni hairedazo?)
LOSE How...!? (なぜだ…! Naze da...!?)


  • Jadeite shares his birthdate with Aloe, El Soluna, Chira, To-No, Hitori, Hoshi no Hito, and Mikoko.
    • His birthdate is celebrated on the first day of a new year.
  • On the Pop'n Music Lapistoria site, Jadeite is one of the few characters that has a greyscale border around his artwork, as opposed to the usual blue, pink, and orange one.
  • It is implied in Jade's Character Information that Jadeite may be his father, since Chihhi says Jade "received the principal's genes." It may also be the case that Jade is a clone of Jadeite, or that he was somehow otherwise artificially created.
  • Jadeite is named after the mineral of the same name.
    • It is one of the two minerals that can be referred to as "jade", the other being nephrite.