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Jadeite is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He is a main, unlockable character in Retsu's story, Finally Infiltrated! Principal's Office (ついに潜入!校長室 Tsui ni Sennyū! Kōchō Shitsu?), and wields a black, diamond-shaped lapis.

It is heavily hinted by fans that Jadeite is the main antagonist in Lapistoria. However, in the updated version, It is revealed that Jade was the true main antagonist of the game.


You've made it, my lovely students.
I've been waiting for this moment forever, before you were born...

Jadeite is a sarcastic headmaster who collects people's Lapises. It is revealed that he is working with Jade in order his wish to come true. After learning Jade's true intentions, he realized what he had done. He decided to help MZD, Mimi, Nyami, and the Tsugidoka! gang to stop Jade.

Returning in Pop'n Music éclale, he still has the same personality in Lapistoria, but he becomes kind and supportive. It is revealed he is still being guilty during Lapistoria event, although Mimi and Nyami always forgive him.


Jadeite is a pale-skinned man with normal black eyes and gray, and neck-length hair. He has a light gray skin affection located on his left side of his face. Jadeite's costume is moderately fancy, and carries dark colors and a skew of light accents, like cyan and white. He wears a tie that carries a gradient from light blue to violet, and black boots.

Jadeite's 2P color gives him dark blond hair with lighter streaks, and deep blue eyes. His attire is colored in shades of blue, white, and gold.

NET Self

Attack You've done well by coming. (よく来たね Yoku kita ne?)
Damage What is that power? (なんという力 Nan toiu chikara?)
GOOD Play Come... (おいで… Oide...?)
BAD Play Yet another failure... (また失敗かっ Mata shippai kaa?)
WIN I've got my hands on it. (手に入れたぞ Te ni hairedazo?)
LOSE Why...! (なぜだ…! Naze da...!?)


Jadeite's name originates from a pyroxene mineral, relating to the title of Lapistoria.


  • Jadeite's birthdate is identical to Aloe's, El Soluna's, Chira's, To-No's, Hitori's, Hoshi no Hito's, and Mikoko's.
    • His birthdate is celebrated in the New Year.
  • On the Pop'n Music Lapistoria site, Jadeite is one of the few characters that has a gray-scale border around his artwork, as opposed to the usual blue, pink, and orange one.




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