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This article focuses on the Pop'n Music Lapistoria character Jade. If you are looking for the character from the same game, see Jadeite.

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Jade is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. He is a main, unlockable character appearing in the story Decisive Battle (決戦 Kessen?) with Retsu. He also appears in his own, separate story Two Worlds (二つの世界 Futatsu no sekai?) and wields a black, heart-shaped lapis. Jade is confirmed to be the true antagonist of this game, as of his stories.



None of you have studied enough. I will teach you everything about the power of Lapises.'s the beginning of a new world!

Despite the fact he looks like an innocent boy physically, however Jade actually holds the strongest ability to outmatch everyone. One of his abilities is mind-controlling lapis wielders: for instance, the twins Nia and Toa. However he can't control Mimi and Nyami, because their lapises were too strong for him.

As the Tsugidoka! gang along with, Mimi, Nyami, and Jadeite attempt to defeat Jade, it is revealed that he is corrupted by his lapis, and has no term of memory of how he turned evil, but he still remembers he feels guilty corrupting people.

Jade returns in Pop'n Music éclale, and becomes more kind and cheerful, but still remembers his corruption from the previous events.



Jade is a young boy with pale skin, light pink eyes, and silver colored hair, adorned with several white gems. His attire is mostly gray and white, consisting of shorts, knee socks, shoes, and a light gray vest with a white shirt. Over his shirt he wears a white cape decorated with a pale blue tie. Connected to the tie are three gray ribbons. Two hang off of his shoulders, and the third encircles his neck. Jade's Lose animation omits his cape with one of his ribbons attached, when normal.

Jade's 2P palette shifts his hair to black with red gems, and is eyes are teal colored. His shorts, and shoes are black, his socks are red. His shirt is dark gray with a white vest, and his cape is black and red with a red tie and white ribbons.


Jade wears clothing that are identical to MZD's clothing from Lapistoria, but with his jacket dark blue, his shirt and shorts white, additional white gloves, and a dark gray backpack. This only occurs at the Pop'n Music éclale vol.1 Card collection.

NET Self

Attack Look here (見てごらん Mite goran?)
Damage You're quite strong (キミ強いねえ Kimi tsuyoi nē?)
GOOD Play Giggles... (くすくす… Kusu kusu…?)
BAD Play Go down! (下がれ! Sagare!?)
WIN I am God...! (僕が神だ…! Boku ga kamida…!?)
LOSE Laughable (ばかばかしい Bakabakashī?)

Other Character Comments

Change Card Comment:


Kususu...Jade's become quite godlike, no? He seems to be aiming for godification via appearance this time, but it seems like it was rather difficult to procure the figure behind him.


  • Jade's birthdate is identical to Peetan's.
  • Jadeite appears in Jade's Good and Lose animations, Nia and Toa appear in his FEVER!, Lose, Win, Dance, and FEVER! Win animations, and Retsu, Fuga, Hiumi, and Rinka appear in his normal Win.
    • When you see Jadeite's shocked look, it could be implied that Jadeite is Jade's father, since they share the first four letters of their names.
  • (◇¢ӧᴗӧ) means that Jade receives his own emoticon in the Pop'n Music Twitter page.





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