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Jack is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.


Toxic air. Vicissitudes from another world. Blowing fire parallel to Pop'n.
A fast alarm beating to the time, endlessly traveling and chasing him for assassination. *coughs*.

Character Information[]

See Jack (character)/Character Information.



Jack is a boy with slightly tan skin and bright red eyes. He has white hair with a messy or spiky style; when wearing a gas mask, his hair is almost divided in half. Jack wears a gray shirt with red sleeves, marked with a yellow kanji in the center. He carries an oxygen tank as well, with a cat face on the back. He wears a gas mask that consists of two parts, as well as gray and red headphones. He has dark brown, ripped pants and does not wear any shoes, but gray bandages. He wears gray, mechanical gloves with orange bands the same color as his belt. He has 3 red lines on his face; one under each eye and one on his forehead.

Jack's 2P attire gives him glowing yellow eyes and dark brown hair. His pants remain black, while his shirt is now orange with black sleeves and black kanji. The color of his gas mask, bandages, and headphones are shifted to gray. His gloves become gold. His 2P color palette was used more than his original palette, making an appearance in Experiment Rap from Ee'MALL in Pop'n Music 10, Graind Core from ee'MALL of Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!, Big Beat from Pop'n Music Sunny Park, 僕ガ壊レル前ニ and 時の妖花 from Pop'n Music éclale.

Spit Rock[]

Jack reappears donning more wintery apparel, such as a long dark gray trench coat with fur trim, as well as black gloves, pants, shirt, and boots. His belt is orange, and his gloves and mask have highlights of the same color. His hair peeks out from one side, while the hood of his coats hangs on the other with a kanji on it. He carries an olive green back on his back with an orange and silver strap.

In his 2P version, his hair and eyes are dark brown and yellow once again, while his entire outfit is white. His boots and gloves become light gray while the orange parts becomes pink.


Jack creates a single cameo in Tsuyoshi's Miss animation in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL.

NET Self[]

Attack Fire (ファイヤー Faiyaa?)
Damage Damn! (ちっ! Chii!?)
GOOD Play !
BAD Play ...
WIN Extreme!! (極!! Kyoku!!?)
LOSE *coughing* (ごーほごほ Gooho goho?)

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music Sunny Park:
A fallen world. Contradictions of innocence. Latitude zero degrees Celsius..
A burned body in a euphoria of foam, I see a dream of Setsugekka.

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET:
You? Did you call me?
What do I do here?
Sewage treatment facilities? That's preferable.
Cough cough.


  • The kanji on Jack's shirt in Pop'n 10 and on his hood in Sunny Park is "極" (kyoku), meaning extreme.
  • Like some of the Pop'n Music characters, Jack has the same name as his song.
  • Jack's birthdate is identical to P-1 & P-2's, Kokona Shinonome's, and Natsuhi Shinonome's
    • Jack's birthdate is revealed to be June 66th. However, Jack's legitimate birthdate is June 12th.
    • 6/66 (June 66th) is known to be an integer, religiously derived from "The Number of the Beast" in Satanic association.
  • Hone Nyami creates a cameo on Jack's rocket backpack.