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イワン Iwan


Ivan portrait

Birthplace Siberia
Birthdate September 9th
Gender Male
Race Bear
Eye Color Black
Hair Color None
Hobby Woodworking, Playing accordion leisurely
Relative(s) None
Likes Friends
Dislikes Cold
First Appearance Pop'n Music 9
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 10
Pop'n Music peace
Theme(s) Troika Dance, Cossack 雪夜の森のプリャースカ
Designer(s) Shio

Ivan is a character from Pop'n Music 9


All I want to do is play music, and make friends.

Ivan is a professional accordion player, who once performed in big orchestras. He's now a music/school teacher.


Ivan is a brown bear who sports a black coonskin cap, and has a drip of snot on his nose. He wears a big red coat with a black belt and collar, and one button. He is often seen surrounded by smaller (presumably) bears that have a grey colouring and are similarly dressed. He carries a yellow and blue accordion that is often seen in his animations.

His 2P recolours him dark grey with a burgundy coat, and the smaller bears are black with burgundy coats that have grey stripes. His accordion is now orange and teal.


  • Ivan's name is Romaized as "Iwan", "wan" being the Japanese onomatopoeia for "bark".
  • Ivan, along with Hanao, Mrs. Wilson, and Naoto, are all teachers/educators.

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