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 偽りの ID でパスして
 膝抱えて しゃがみこんだ 私の肩そっと叩く
 はずだった貴方はもう 遠い空に消えていった
 空回りの無限ループ 1度全部リセットして
 強くて ニューゲームを 始めましょう
 ドコドコドコドコ 太鼓のリズムに任せて
 両手を合わせて 悟りを開いて Yeah Yeah
 シャバドゥビ シャバドゥバ Jazzy にアドリブかけたら
 煩悩覚醒 上限開放 Yeah Yeah
 ドコドコドコドコ 太鼓のリズムに任せて
 憲法改正 情報拡散 Yeah Yeah
 シャバドゥビ シャバドゥバ Jazzy にアドリブかけたら
 重力反転 月面着陸 Yeah Yeah
 一触即発☆禅ガール (はっ!)

 jigoku gata ningen doubutsuen
 sono ori no naka de kyou mo hitori
 denshi kairo no uzu ni darashinaku
 itsuwari no ID de pasu shite
 saa mitsurin de zaihou sagashi
 shikou kairo wa itsunomanika
 teishishite shimatteru
 hiza kakaete shagamikon da watashi no kata sotto tataku
 hazu datta anata wa mou tooi sora ni kieteitta
 karamawari no mugen ruupu ichi do zenbu risetto shite
 tsuyokute nyuu geemu o hajime mashou
 dokodokodokodoko taiko no rizumu ni makase te
 ryoute o awasete satori o hiraite Yeah yeah
 Shabadubi shabaduba Jazzy ni adoribu kake tara
 bonnou kakusei jougen kaihou Yeah yeah
 motto hageshiku kosutte
 dokodokodokodoko taiko no rizumu ni makasete
 kenpou kaisei jouhou kakusan Yeah Yeah
 shabadubi shabaduba Jazzy ni adoribu kaketara
 juuryoku hanten getsumen chakuriku Yeah Yeah
 motto naka made haitte
 isshokusokuhatsu zen gaaru (ha!)

 A hell-type human zoo,
 I'm alone today, too, within that cage.
 Acting slovenly within, a whirlpool of electronic circuits,
 I'm getting swallowed.
 Passing through with a fake ID,
 Come, let's search for treasure, treasure on Amazon.
 My train of thought reaches a halt
 before I realize it.
 You should've hit my shoulder as I sat with my feet up
 but you'd already disappeared into the distant sky.
 An infinite loop off fruitless effort, reset everything once.
 Strongly, let's start a new game!
 Doko doko doko doko, leave it to the rhythm of the drum.
 Join both hands and attain enlightenment, Yeah yeah!
 Shabadubi shabaduba, if you jazzily ad-lib it,
 your worldly desires will awaken, throwing open the limits, Yeah yeah!
 Rub even more violently.
 Doko doko doko doko, leave it to the rhythm of the drum
 Constitutional reform, information spread, Yeah yeah!
 Shabadubi shabaduba, if you Jazzily ad-lib it,
 gravity inversion, moon landing, Yeah yeah!
 Enter me even deeper.
 Simmering☆zen girl (ha!)
Translated by Glacieslover on Youtube.

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  • 一触即発☆禅ガール was added to pop'n music peace on August 7th, 2019.
  • 一触即発☆禅ガール is not keysounded.
  • Instead of displaying its character's portrait, 一触即発☆禅ガール displays its jacket on the songwheel.

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Difficulty & Notecounts[1][2][]

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards.

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts / Long pop-kun 174 / ? 430 / 6 691 / 8 1066 / 12 254 501
pop'n music peace→Present 11 26 40 46 17 25




  1. Long pop-kuns counted manually by user Lapistoria.
  2. RemyWiki page