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A vocal sample can be heard of a boy saying: "You just broke it!"

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ZIBA[edit | edit source]

I'm ZIBA from ZERO+ZIBA! It's been a while since Remain!

In ZERO+ZIBA, Zero is mainly in charge of composition, and I, ZIBA, am in charge of arrangement.

I completed it with a slightly dark and powerful image in mind.

It's an arrangement that treasures the fragile and fleeting beauty in the innocent distortion(not "yugami" but "hizami") of sound.

So naturally "Innocence" is an appropriate title!

There is no distortion in the phrases and notes chosen by ZERO-san, so it was fun figuring out how to play around with it.

ZERO[edit | edit source]

It's been a long time. It's me, Zero.

It's already been about four years since I was in those ruins.

I had my doubts about the our unit continuing, but we caught wind of the magnetic field of a new power spot called Lapistoria and now we're safely back on the scene.

At the time I had said something like "I'm not going to make another boss song".

I'd like to pass down the lesson that if you say something like that, they'll find a compromise where they'll tell you "Then make it mid-boss-like please~."

This time, it's the theme of the child chairman, who was the central character behind the events at the end of Lapistoria.

As the character of the snickering chairman developed, I created a theme about the innocence that children possess, and the cruelty of that purity which hides within their mischievousness.

The childish and toy-like feeling I proposed with my melody and instruments was wrapped up nicely by the darkness and mad beauty of ZIBA-kun's arrangement.

I think it ended up as a song with a snickering feeling to it.

To be completely honest, ZERO+ZIBA is built on a passionate relationship of mutual trust where I can say "If it's ZIBA-kun, he'll surely take care of it!"

From now on, once you've forgotten about us, we'll come and make some mischief, so please look forward to it.

Next time I'd like to do something other than a mid-boss~.

Difficulty & Notecounts [2][edit | edit source]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 258 675 916 1428 ? ?
Lapistoria→Present 15 31 42 49 ? ?

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