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Inari is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


 The fencer with a bewitching face continues his journey dressed to learn martial arts,
His true figure is still sometimes seen slipping out...?

Inari is a fairly skilled fencer, although he's hoping to improve on his ability. He seemingly has the ability to appear as a human despite being a fox.


Inari takes the appearance of a short man with messy pale yellow hair, and simple black eyes, usually kept shut. He has red facial markings under both his eyes, and a scar on his left eye. He also has what appears to be whiskers. He wears a blue and cerulean top with white shoulder pads, white pants, and light gray boots. He also wears a light brown tattered cape with a hood. He wields a large silver sword with a brown hilt and red feathers, kept in a brown scabbard on his back. In Inari's Miss animation, a glimpse of his fox form is seen, with his hair becoming ears and his tail showing. In his Lose animation he completely reverts to his true form, appearing as a small pale yellow fox. This palette is used again in Asian, in Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.

Inari's 2P palette gives him bright red hair and a darker skin tone. His markings and scar become white, and his top is pale blue and black. His shoes are pale blue as well. His pants and shoulder pads remain white, and his cape is also shifted into white. His sword hilt and scabbard are both dark gray, and the feathers from his sword become pale yellow. His ears, tail, and his fox form in his Miss and Lose animations are red.

NET Self[]

Attack Get ready! (覚悟っ! Kakugo!?)
Damage Argh... (くっ… Kuu…?)
GOOD Play Ha (フッ Fuu?)
BAD Play Ugh (うぐぅ Uguu?)
WIN A proper result (当然の結果だ Tōzen no kekkada?)
LOSE Oh~no... (コォ~ン… Koo~n…?)


Inari is named after the Japanese god Inari Ōkami, who is a god of foxes, fertility, agriculture, and prosperity.


  • Inari's birthdate is celebrated on The Day of Inari.
  • Inari's ability to transform is likely based on the kitsune, a Japanese mythological spirit said to be able to shapeshift.