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Ichi No Myou needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Ichi No Myou is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.


Ah, ahhh...aAaaaah. Look, it resembles... th,that person.
Here too, and there, and this, and that... Huh? This, what is this?

The gender and the personality of Ichi no Myou is tricky and indeterminate for some reason.


Ichi no Myou a very pale-skinned puppet with red eyes and black, middle parted hair. On its forehead is an M-shaped mark with a line through it. Ichi no Myou does not wear a shirt, but does have a red wristband on its right arm and a black kimono sleeve decorated with a red flower on its left. It wears an orange obi and a long grey skirt, with black platformed zori with red straps on its feet. This appearance is used again for 黒点 in Pop'n Music Lapistoria.

In its 2P color palette, Ichi no Myou's skin is changed to an ashy color, and its eyes and skirt are the same blue. Its hair, obi, and sleeve are now white. Its wristband, sleeve flower, and zori straps are black. This 2P color palette is used for Elegy 2 in Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.

NET Self[]

Attack ...
Damage ...
GOOD Play ...
BAD Play ...
WIN ...
LOSE ...

Character Deco Changes[]

1 Nothing ( Mu?)
5 Rain doll (雨人形 Ame ningyou?)
10 Hey hey hurry (ほらほら早く Hora hora hayaku?)
15 In celebration (お祝いに Oiwai ni?)


TOWN Mode[]

Aaaah, P...Pop'n
That's right. Pop'n, right.
Let's p...play together?


  • Ichi No Myou shares its birthdate with Teng Teng.
    • Ichi no Myou's birthdate originates from its name: Ichi is "one" and Myou is "ten".
  • Ichi no Myou's name can be roughly translated as "the first oddity".
    • The "ichi (壱)" in its name is an alternative kanji for the number one. This naming convention is shared by fellow Asaki characters Ni no Maru (two) and Ninjin (three).
    • Ichi no Myou's name is written in Korean as 이치노묘 in Pop'n Music Mobile.