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This article focuses on the Pop'n Music Sunny Park character, Izumi Ibuki. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪ character, see Izumi-san.

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Ibuki Izumi is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park, who originally originates from a BEMANI band project, HinaBitter♪.


A stylish, outstanding gal from the Hinatabi Shopping Street's tailor locality.
Her sensitive best take in fashion is worth seeing!

The Izumi couture (いずみ洋装店?) clothing shop's daughter, Ibuki is a fashionable but easily irritated girl. She and Marika grew up together and are close friends, though she gets embarrassed when Marika calls her Ibu. She plays the bass.


Hi-Tension Gal Rock

Ibuki resembles of a chocolate-eyed adolescent, possessing blonde hair, styled in both a crown and neck-length. She only has a school uniform that consists of a white polo shirt, a brick red plaid dress, knee highs, and gray shoes. Her accessories are lime beaded earrings, a red-black beaded necklace on her left wrist and a pink sweater wrapped around her waist.

Her outfit in her Great animation is purely white, and includes a veil, a dress, gloves, a garterbelt on her left thigh, knee highs, and high heels.


Ibuki makes cameos on everyone's FEVER! animation, on Marika's Lose animation and Sakiko's Lose animation, alongside with Marika as well.


  • Ibuki's birthdate is identical to Antonio's, Patty's, and Ryuta's.
  • Izumi Ibuki is aged 16 to 17 and is measured in 160cm.
    • Ibuki is one of the few characters to have their ages and height revealed.
  • Ibuki is one of the crossover characters to not have any color palette.
    • Ibuki is also one of the individual characters to not have this too.
  • There are several of HinaBitter♪ characters appearing on Izumi Ibuki's animations:
  • Marika and Sakiko also appear on her Lose animation as well.
  • Rin also makes a cameo on her Great animation.