Yeah! The nightmare stalker.
You find out.

張りつけられた 凶器の罠に

Go for broke. You've gonna death to death
Crime in the dark

語りつづけた 賛美の歌が
爪を研がす 悪魔が笑う

Grief, Rage, gloom, blood
お前の中に潜む 十字架の影


Yeah! The nightmare stalker.
You find out.

hari tsukerareta kyouki no wana ni
mi wo kagasu toki

Go for broke. You've gonna death to death
Crime in the dark

katari tsuzuketa sanbi no uta ga
kane wo narashi tsuzukeru
kuroi ansoku no MELODY
tsume wo togasu akuma ga warau

Grief, Rage, gloom, blood
omae no naka ni hisomu juujika no kage


Yeah! The nightmare stalker.
You find out.

When your body's stuck to 
a trap of lethal weapons

Go for broke. You've gonna death to death 
Crime in the dark

The song of praise I continued to chant 
continues to ring a bell, 
a black melody of rest, 
I sharpen my nails and the devil laughs

Grief, Rage, gloom, blood 
Hiding inside of you, the shape of a cross

Song Comment

"Stout guitar sound & shout of the storm!"

Song Production Information

"The final boss of the regular game, much like "SKA" in an earlier beatmania. I was very impatient for the recording of this song as it was rather late, but when this song made it to the game, the impression of the whole pop'n 2 was completely different to find any password.
I hope to dedicate the "2 bass" end to a certain famous person in the heavy metal world that died last year."


  • Mitsuo Takeuchi is the former vocalist of the Japanese rock band Dirty Trashroad.
  • The artist name for I'm on Fire, AD/DA, is a parody of the Australian rock band AC/DC.
  • DAMI-YAN's name was originally capitalized as Dami-yan. This was changed to DAMI-YAN since pop'n music 6.
    • In the Asian English arcade release of pop'n music 2, Dami-yan's name was changed to Thrash.
  • In pop'n music 3, I'm on fire's character was Donna.
  • Despite that pop'n stage uses a different character for I'm on fire, pop'n music 6 CS uses DAMI-YAN instead, due to I'm on fire's inclusion in pop'n music 6's HELL 1-5 Course (ヘル1-5コース), course also present on its CS counterpart.
  • In pop'n stage and pop'n music 6 CS, I'm on fire's songwheel genre was ヘヴィメタ.
  • Before pop'n music 9, I'm on Fire's title was capitalized as I'm on fire.
  • I'm on Fire is not included on the pop'n music SUPER BEST BOX collection, despite that it's still in the arcades, as well as not a license.
  • I'm on Fire was added to the BEMANI category in pop'n music éclale.



HEAVY METAL 「I'm on Fire」-0

HEAVY METAL 「I'm on Fire」-0

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