Hushman is one of the characters from Pop'n Music portable 2.


The sun shined on a small island in the ocean.
Oh! A shaggy-haired guy with a bubbling pipe and drum came in dancing!

Character Information

With summer a day away, since Shio asked me whether I preferred the tropics or the cosmos... I went with a vacation in the tropics!
Hushman's charm points are the dreads that reach his feet and his well-done, burnt chocolate skin. There's just one person on the island in the far south - and he's living without a care in the world, playing a rhythm with his drum.

Out of all the different ideas we had, I initially settled on what appeared to be a human "dread teacher" for the final product. But because of the seemingly tropical atmosphere, I decided we didn't need the "teacher" part in the long run. We then came up with dreads just a smidgen away from reaching the feet. The other idea was skin baked by the beach's sun rays just enough to look good!

And just as Masaru and Wac wished, I made him peeking around through his hair in a cool place. Beneath those dreads was an ikemen... Once the cute boy's glasses are taken off, what's behind can't be ignored!

Clear your best and please enjoy his tropical vacation in the Win animation ♪



Hushman is a dark-skinned, pipe-smoking built man in white-framed sunglasses with his ash-pink locs draping his body. He simply wears white shorts fastened with a belt composed of blue and pink beads ending in a rainbow-colored fabric. Ringing Hushman's ankle and wrists are bands of blue, green and red colors, along with a key around his neck.

NET Self

Attack (fire comes out of pipe) (ブオオオオ! Buoooo!?)
Damage ×!?◎*~
GOOD Play (pipe bubbling) (プカプカ… Pukapuka...?)
BAD Play (tumbling) (ザザ~ン… Zazaan...?)
WIN Shine ★ (キラーン★ Kiraan ★?)
LOSE (muttered complaints and a huff of smoke) (ブスブス=∃ Busubusu?)


The "hush," or "silence" in Hushman's name refers to his taciturn nature.


  • Hushman shares his birthday with Fumihiko-san.
  • A quest in Party Mode includes Mimi and Nyami attempting to teach Hushman social skills after being isolated from human contact for so long.
    • It's revealed that Hushman boarded Hara=Hetta's ship, and that the key in Hushman's Win animation opens one of his treasure chests.
    • When Hushman gets his hair out of his face, making him sound much more coherent, he asks Tetra to be his girlfriend.
      • When he changes into his "clear form," he switches to his 2P coloring as well.





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